6 Tips of Cleaning your Silver Jewelry at your Home

Tips of Cleaning your Silver Jewelry at your HomeIt feels clumsy when we go for discussing anything about cleaning your jewelry right? You might b eth inking that it cannot be possible of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home right? But the fact says something else which you must definitely go for understanding and not letting more of your money to be wasted by giving your jewelry outside somewhere which in return will charge up more of your money. Well, there is nothing to worry about because there are many ways or tips which can help you or assist you in going for cleaning your silver jewelry at your home. It is considered to be involving less of your money the products or ingredients which you are going to need are been easily available at home so it is also known to be easily available at home.

So it is considered to be important for the individual that you are buying something precious so you need top also go for taking proper care of it by taking the steps of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home which you have bought for. There are many tips of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home which you can go for exercising like using aluminum foil, make the use of tooth paste, going for laundry detergent, using tomato ketchup, etc. and many more of such strange things which are actually showing its colors while you are going for the process of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home.

Tips of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home

  • One of the most common type of tip which you can go for counting at the time of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home is the use of aluminum foil. I know you might be thinking that how aluminum foil can be useful in this matters right?
  • Take a bowl and add a liter of boil water in to it, now it is the time to go for adding a piece of aluminum foil in to it. Get your silver jewels and add up in to bowl for 10 to 15 seconds and take it out of water.
  • The result will help you in getting bitterly astonished. The silver from the foil will help your silver jewelry of getting and gaining that shine back again which you wanted to have.
  • If you think that your silver jewelry has been tanned and you need to get back its shine than you can go for using the tomato ketchup. Yes, take some of tomato ketchup in your hands and rub for your silver jewelry in it. After that go for washing it perfectly.
  • This will help you in getting your silver jewelry to be even prettier which is considered to be in the benefits of the individual that is planning of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home.
  • Hand sanitizer is considered to be another tip which can help you in going for cleaning your silver jewelry at your home. It is considered to be one of the best way to get the perfect polish for your silver jewelry which you have got for.

How To Clean Your White Gold Rings

Cleaning white gold ringWhite gold rings looks too beautiful and classy. But when you have something too well with you, the caring element also increases. Maintaining white gold rings is a bit tricky when compared to maintenance of rings of yellow gold or platinum. The maintenance of white gold is more difficult because of the fact as to how it is made. White gold is made up of yellow gold which is mixed up with white metals and is covered with plating so that the yellowish color of the jewelry is hidden. For maintaining your white gold ring, the thing you need to do is to clean your white gold ring. Cleaning your white gold ring is bit complicated and not as simple as that of normal gold. Because of the composition of the white gold, cleaning your white gold is complicated as you need to be careful that you don’t damage your ring. Make sure that you preserve the rhodium plating or else you will lose its beautiful finish. Here are some of the steps to clean your white gold ring.

  • Make a cleaning solution

For cleaning your white gold rings, you must make a cleaning solution. You can mix mild soap in a bowl of warm water. Make sure you don’t use detergents for cleaning your white gold ring. Avoid those things which contain chlorine or any such harsh chemicals as it can ruin your white gold rings. Be gentle while making this solution as your ring is very sensitive and very prone to damages.

  • Soak your white gold ring

Once you are done with making the cleaning solution for cleaning your white gold ring, now it’s the time to soak your white gold ring into the solution. Soak your white gold ring for a time period of 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Rub the ring gently

When you are done with soaking of your gold ring, rub your gold ring gently and smoothly. While rubbing the white gold ring, use a soft brush or any soft cloth to remove any of the dirt which is stuck in your white gold ring and make it clean and beautiful.

  • Rinse the ring

When you are done with rubbing the ring, it’s now time to rinse the ring. Rinse your ring with lukewarm water. This will ensure that there is no soap residue in the ring and stop it from damaging further.

  • Dry your white gold ring

After rinsing the ring, dry your white gold ring. Use a clean towel to dry your ring. If your white gold ring is too much dirty then for cleaning your white gold ring, you can add up few drops of ammonia into the water and get the most effective result.


Don’t use any of the abrasive substance for scrubbing your white gold ring or else it will damage the plating of your white gold ring. A single cleaning session is not going to damage it as it is much durable but still repeating it several times can definitely damage it.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Cleaning gold jewelryNot like silver jewelry, gold jewelry does not lose its finish or become dull over period of time. But gold is till such a material which can accumulate grime and dirt with its regular usage. You will definitely not like wearing such dirty gold jewelry. Thus to restore the shine and polish and look of your gold jewelry like your necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets, you need to clean your gold jewelry. For cleaning your gold jewelry, you just need some of the household ingredients and tools. By using them in proper manner, you will be able to clean your gold jewelry very easily. Here are some of the steps for cleaning your gold jewelry.

  • Clean your gold jewelry with dish soap

If you want to clean your gold jewelry with soap, then you have to mix up liquid dish wash in to water. Use warm water while making this mixture. Make sure to use warm water and not hot water as hot water can ruin your gold jewelry. Ordinary water will be okay for cleaning your gold jewelry but if you want better result than you can use sodium free seltzer water or you can even use or you can also make use of club soda. The mixture of this liquid will lose all the collected dirt and grease on your gold jewelry. If your gold jewelry contains fragile precious stone then you need to be extra careful while cleaning your gold jewelry as doing it in improper manner can damage your jewelry. Don’t use hot water as precious stones like opals can get cracked if they are exposed to sudden and extreme temperature changes.

  • Soak your gold jewelry into solution

After making the appropriate mixture, you must let the jewelry soak in the mixture for a time period of about 15 minutes. Soaking of jewelry into warm water will pass it’s through the cracks and cuts of the jewelry where it is hard to reach and clean all the build of dirt and clean your gold jewelry in perfect manner.

  • Scrub the jewelry with soft bristle tooth brush

Take each piece of jewelry into your hand and then put it in water and clean with your tooth brush. Tooth brush has bristles and it will clean very minute dirt very appropriately. Make sure the tooth brush you choose have soft bristles. If you choose hard bristles tooth brush ten it can damage your jewelry. There are also chances of getting the stones out of the jewelry if the bristles of tooth brush are hard. There are certain specially designed brushes which are made for cleaning your gold jewelry if you can use that for cleaning your jewelry then it would be best as there is no risk of damaging your jewelry. You can also use eyebrow brushes for cleaning your gold jewelry as they are small and also soft which is suitable for cleaning your gold jewelry.

Types of Bracelets for Women

If we are getting ready than there are many things which we need to take in to consideration like rings, hair pins, ear rings, necklace, etc. and many more of the things than how can we forget to mention about the bracelets right? Bracelets are considered to be something unique which you must go for when you are planning for getting ready. Well, if you will ask me than in accordance to my views, bracelets for women are considered to be grabbing attention of eyes of the watchers. It looks very beautiful when you are going for wearing bracelets for women which are available in the market. In simple words we can say that it will show you up as the sparkling presence on the place where you are visiting. There are many different bracelets for women which you can go for when you are planning for buying such fort you.

I know each and every woman wants that they can becomes the center of attraction for all the people out there and for that they need to get dress up and afford for many accessories too. Well, bracelets for women are considered to be you jam which you can go for trying as your fashion statement. There are many types of bracelets for women available in the market like charm bracelets, bangle bracelets, pearl bracelets, imitation bracelets, etc. and many more of the option which the women can have at the time of going for bracelets for women.

Types of bracelets for women

  • Charm bracelets

Charm braceletsWell, if you are going for bracelets for women then let me help you in telling that there are many types of bracelets for women which are available in the market. Amongst them one is charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are considered to be made up of chains with little things attached to it which increase its glaze when you are wearing it. It is having the wrist sized chain and adding some dangling charms to it is considered to be its beat features which increase its trend to wear up for the women out there.

  • Bangle bracelets

Bangle braceletsAnother type of bracelets for women which you can go for is the bangle bracelets. It is considered to be having the solid form which do not contains any chains. Well it is a group of bangles which is made up together and added to your hand. It slips over the writes but do not go out of your hand which you have wore of. It is made up of gold, silver, or imitation jewellery which will help you at the time of going for it. It is considered to be amongst the most common type of bracelets for women whom you will observe in the market.

  • Pearl bracelets

Pearl braceletsWho do not like to go for pearls right? Each and every woman has the fantasy of not only diamonds but pearls too. It has maintained its stance since ancient time and still prevails with the same impact. Not only that but you can go for antique patterns of pearl bracelets which increase its how when you are wearing it.


Tips for Choosing Men’s Wedding Ring

Tips-For-Buying-Wedding-Bands-For-MenWedding rings are of special significance in any couple’s life. Whether the man is selecting his ring himself or his fiancee is choosing for him there are certain points to be taken care of.


  • Consider his lifestyle

Certain facts relating to groom lifestyle should be known and ring should be selected accordingly .Does groom indulge in activities or hobbies which can damage the ring? If yes he would definitely remove his ring while doing this activity. But if he is of the opinion to wear the ring all the time then a durable and hard ring should be selected. Durability of ring should be balanced with weight, especially when they ring is with stone. Stones do fall during rough activities and that’s the reason behind its good durability choice. In case of gold, low carat gold is more preferable for durability as compared to high carat gold. Silver is not considered good for better durability. As far as platinum and titanium are compared durability of titanium is better than platinum.

  • Depicts Groom’s personality

Think of the quality that your chosen ring depicts. Does it match to the nature and personality of groom? If no, it’s not the perfect one you want to opt for. A traditional man would like simple gold or silver band. A plain gold band is always a classic choice but some go for silver. Jewel stones, diamond and other stones can bring personality to a simple plain ring. For example red color depicts bold and exciting. If the groom is of bold and exciting nature than a red stone will be best fit for your groom’s ring. On contrary a reserved groom may be of the opinion of few unobtrusive diamonds. A band with intricate design would go with a flashy man. A modern tech man would usually prefer unique and innovative ring. Tungsten is favorite among this class of grooms.

  • Cost Consideration

Wedding are pretty much expensive. In this, over expensive wedding ring should be avoided. Though couples have superior dreams about their wedding rings but actually the couples should try to get most out of their money. Low cost tungsten bands are easy and affordable. Silver is also affordable. While on the other hand titanium is expensive and gold is evergreen as well as all time expensive. For reasonable rates you can opt for low carat gold rings. If you want to go for something really classy, go for platinum bands but beware it is really costly.

  • Bride and groom rings should go together

Just like the bride and groom are a perfect match, their ring should also be a perfect match. It doesn’t mean it should be similar but they should look nice together. Certain things which should be taken in consideration are stone selection, width, metal choice, level of intricacy, choice to engrave or not and similar other things. It doesn’t mean that you have to purchase men’s version of bride’s ring  but it just simply mean that both ring should go with each other when put together.

  • Professional sizing

Sizing is just for free. Any jeweler would size for free so there is no scope of you skipping this step.  Even if a man thinks, he gets to know his rings size. So just be sure what he thinks of. The look of wedding band is enhanced only when it is perfectly fitted. Resizing your ring later costs you extra and also no newlywed would like to remove their ring for few days for resizing. There are some rings which can’t be resized and in case of engraved ring resizing may ruin the engraving. Thus to stay away from all this take your groom to a jeweler for professional sizing.


2014 Autumn Jewellery Trends

Autumn JewelleryAutumn or the fall winter jewellery trends are inspirational and innovative. The resources offer a wide range of styles to be adorned with. Jewellery in the form of neck pieces, ear pieces and rings are filled throughout autumn. Well the look this autumn season is classic clean with a statement piece. It follows the trend of catchy as well as bold pieces. With designer pieces galore in the runway fashion to traditional pieces with a twist is bright and light. The autumn jewellery trends are as follows:

Neck pieces making heads turn – choker pieces and dangling necklace with light weight material is streaming the fashion forward. Be it the version of Versace with bold pieces or Vivienne Westwood’s chunky pieces to pendants from Chanel and fluffy choker design from Fendi is taking it to a different course altogether. Floral neck pieces are also in rage this autumn season. Simple gold chains are blooming this season. Neck pieces have sidelined all the other accessories as it has proven to be knight in the shining armour.

Earcuffs marking their territory – earcuffs like poky spikes are embellished and fill the entire ear like a bird. It is the latest fashion accessory which is going to stay for a while as it is girlish and can be worn along with a western dress and yet looks cool. Studs on the ears also look beautiful this season. Long earrings are completely out as with choker neck piece and elongated necklaces the earrings do not go hand in hand.

Finger rings and anklets define your personality – rings in all the fingers leaving the thumb are what defines the fingers and accentuates it with embellishments. Just a ring around the finger in gold plaited metal like the Lord of the Rings is going to mark its way. Ankle cuffs are the new trend in the zone of jewellery which is like a metallic gold broad ring on the feet as frail as a pigeon’s feet is coolest.

Nose ring inspired by Cannes film festival and wristlets – nose ring in diamond and gold inspired by Sonam Kapoor in the Cannes film festival has flooded the season which is the latest piece and is drawing out the fervour of earring. Wristlets have become bigger and bolder with not only metallic touch but also leather touch to it.

Luxurious pieces is going to be the highlight as the funky pieces have been driven out by it and taken a new form as in feather weight cloth fabric jewellery and brought back the fervour of Tiffany’s light weight jewellery. Tribal inspiration is in with bold colours and vivacious prints. The pieces are sculptural and define your lines. Bling and rose gold colour is in and silver is out. It is the jewellery which is defining the look this season. Brooches are also going to be making its entry along with waist chains dangling from the corners to bring back the old school look. It is gold rush without any other colours indulging in it.

How To Choose Jewelry For Wedding Dress

wedding jewelryDo you have your wedding coming up and you still haven’t decided on your bridal jewelry? Well, your wedding ornaments are as special as your wedding gown or make-up and hence deserve special care. However, you need to have your wedding gown first to decide on your bridal jewelry – it’s your bridal attire that will determine what type and materials you should consider while buying your wedding jewelry.

Before going on with perfect jewelry match-ups as per the gown type, it’s to note here that the most popular bridal jewelry materials are pearl, crystal and diamond. You can also take to sterling silver here or platinum if you can afford to.

Strapless dress

The strapless wedding dress allows you to explore various necklace options. If you have a nice long throat, a multi strand necklace would do due justice to your entire get-up. Otherwise go for a sleek bold choker. In regards to earrings, you should stick to dainty long ones, especially if you are going to do your hair up. A bracelet, especially a multi stranded one would be a great addition here.

One-shoulder dress

The One-shoulder dress does not call for any necklace extravaganza. The mono strap itself works as a nice accessory here. It’s your earrings that are all set to rule here along with the bracelet. If you have short hair, go for a solid chunky bold top but if you are sporting a luscious flow of tresses, long chandelier earrings would be perfect. Don’t forget to stylize your beautiful wrist with a cuff bracelet.

Halter-neck dress

The halter-neck dress is generally sported with hair up. In such a case you can move to make your mark with pretty dangling earrings. The dress does not leave much room for a neckpiece and hence the trick is to get gorgeous with the earpiece. However, you can still add on a dainty chain with a bring pendant. A gorgeous bracelet would be a fantastic add on.

Open-back dress

When you are heading for an open back dress with your hair done up, you have this excellent opportunity to don the very chic back-drop necklace – where you have the chain and pendant hanging stylishly on your beautiful back. A bright heart would serve as the right pendant here and is sure to turn all heads as you walk towards the alter.

V-neck dress

Have you got yourself a beautiful V-neck wedding gown? Well, then the ideal necklace for you is a Y-drop neckpiece that goes in perfect alignment of the classy “V” neckline.

Sweetheart dress

The sweetheart wedding gowns make room for a variety of neck-pieces- you can try out a choker or a Y-drop necklace or an elegant round neckpiece. Get earrings & bracelet matching the sweet-heart theme.

One final tip

If your wedding dress is busy with embellishments and studs, go light with the ornaments to create a fine balance. On the other hand, if you are wearing an otherwise plain gown, you have got rooms to get gaudy with the jewelries.

How to Check Gold and Silver Purity

Gold and Silver PurityTesting gold and silver is an easy task, but you need to go to the right place for getting it checked. To know about the purity and the place where your jewelry shall not be messed is very important. There are certain tools that are required to check the purity like silver tone jewelry, gold tone jewelry, gold test kit for 10k, 14k, and 18k, silver testing kit, testing stone, and a newspaper. You can follow some simple and easy steps to test your own jewelry.

• Firstly you need to spread the newspaper totally in the area where you shall be working in. Newspaper prevents your table top from getting destroyed with any sort of acid spills. Then gather all the materials that is required and keep it aside. Now place the testing stone on the newspaper and the jewelry to be tested out so that there are no chances of the acid getting spilled on the jewelry directly.

• The edge of a ring or the links of a necklace are probably the best areas to check for purity. Rub or scratch those parts with the stone. In this way there are no large scars also that are left on the jewelry. You need to ensure that you rub the jewelry on the stone with a little force so that tiny pieces of the gold or silver are left behind on the stone. To ensure that you have scratched on the stone correctly you will be able to see streaks and marks on the stone. After this just add one drop of acid on the streak of the metal that was left on the stone.

• You shall be able to notice a change in color. If you were testing for gold jewelry you shall observe only a slight change in color. This intensity of change will tell you what karat gold jewelry it is. Say, that you want to check a jewelry for 14karat. If the jewelry streak on putting acid disappears completely you can make out that is less than 14k and if there is no change at all it is more than 14k. If you are testing silver, you shall observe color changes from dark red to brown to green depending on the content of silver in decreasing order.

• You can also file a groove in the piece to test for silver. Simply, drop a bit of acid and observe the changes. The piece itself can also be tested with the silver solution but it tends to leave the finish dull and also leaves a stain where the acid was placed. Thus, this method is not very commonly recommended.

If you are planning to buy jewelry you should be well aware of the common terms and phrases relating to jewelry. This shall help you to understand better what the jeweler is trying to say. You should always ask for a detailed explanation and information of the thing that you are planning to buy. It is also important that you buy from a well-renowned place and know the store you are buying from. Before finally buying it be well aware of the return and refund policy and agreements too.

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2014

fashion trend 2014Are you planning to flaunt a really classy yet stylish look this summer? Well you better get a decent idea about the coolest fashion jewelry that is in vogue for this year. Dull, pale and repetitive looks cannot be the only alternatives for summer and you must remember that looking fashionable does not depend upon any season. So, check out the following tips and give a neat and dapper look to yourself with a trendy set of fashion jewelry to compliment your attire.

Light Weight Gold Ornaments: Be it mundane office life, casual hangouts after work with friends or a wedding to attend, light weight gold jewelry are in everywhere. There was a time when artificial ornaments or gold lookalikes used to dominate the regular jewelry market. But remember that your looks are the reflector of your personality and hence those old-school fake ornaments are a strict no-no these days. Several noted jewelry houses or online merchandises are having different segment of light-weight gold jewelry these days just to meet the mammoth customer demand.

Platinum touch: Don’t whine in the name of platinum which has almost become a metal within the reach of affordable yet classy jewelry. Gone are those days when you had to cough out almost a couple of month’s salary to buy a diamond stud platinum right for your sweetheart. In the age of fast economy, this metal has become more accessible to commoners. Especially, if you plan to buy simple neck chains, bracelets or earrings made of platinum for any occasion like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or her birthday. You get some lucrative discounts too.

For the brides: Here comes the most important event of your life where jewelry is a prime requisite. Go for gold, precious stones or the evergreen diamond, wedding jewelry is something that should not only be bought carefully but should also be selected meticulously. Bib necklace has been dominating the wedding jewelry market since the beginning of 2014. Multicolored gorgeous bib necklaces that carry a lot of beauty but less weight are available in all the renowned jewelry shops in different designs and prices.

Alternative looks: Swarovski crystals could be another option if you want to try out an experimental look for your wedding. Crystal are more popular in Christian weddings, though its intruding into the other mainstream wedding markets too. A simple neck hugging crystal necklace with a pair of chandelier earrings will make you look the perfect bride. Or, you can wear a decent ear studs with a dazzling bangle on the right hand to make your look crispy yet stylish.

Men’s jewelry: Bangles, ear studs and bracelets are fast becoming the most essential jewelry items of men who don’t hesitate to experiment with their looks. Therefore the market for men’s diamonds are also sky rocketing. Thick gold chain, snake chain, thumb rings are still having regular buyers. On the other hand, your formal office look you can bank on gold tiepin and buttons.

Lastly, whatever jewelry you choose you must remember that wearing the right kind of attire is also important. Do not wear an attire that does not compliment the set of jewelry that you have decided to wear.

Tips To Clean Gold Earrings

Clean Gold EarringsWith time, gold jewelry has a tendency to acquire a dull finish. But it can also accumulate dirt and dust with regular use. To get back the old shine of the golden ornaments be it earrings, bracelets, neck pieces there are simple methods that can be followed at home.

1. You can start off by creating a bubble bath with a few drops of soft detergent or liquid dish wash. Dish washing soaps work very well for gold ornaments. You can use tap water, which is just fine but for even better results, you can make use of club soda. The carbonation that is present in these liquids will help you to get rid of the debris. Some of the precautions that you need to take here is not to use boiling water, also when the jewelry consists of small pieces that are delicate. Some of the gemstones that are added to your earrings, say, opals, and they crack if they face vast changes in temperature. You can soak them for 5 to 15 minutes if you find them very dirty.

2. The next step is to scrub the earring with a toothbrush having a soft and gentle bristle. You should be very careful and take care of all the corners and curves where the dirt might be hidden. Stiffer the bristles, higher will be the chances of it creating scratch marks on the jewelry. Thin layers of gold can get be removed by hard bristles. Each time dip the toothbrush into the soap solution to keep it gentle.

3. Next, wash each piece of the earring, gently under running water. This will remove all the dirt that has been loosened by the brushing process. The water that is used for washing purpose should also not be hot specially when your jewelry has delicate parts. You must be careful enough to close the drain that is there in your sink so that you do not lose any part by accident. mistake.

4. Now remove the jewelry from the strainer and dry it up with the help of a soft cloth. You should make sure that the jewelry is completely dry so that you do not have to face skin irritation. A clean and old t-shirt can probably be best for drying it up. Paper towels should be avoided.

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