A Man’s jewelry can be extended to anything

Though most of the men laugh aloud when they are asked if they like wearing jewelry yet if seen closely, a man’s jewelry can be extended to anything that they wear or carry. Beside the wedding ring which is one of the most commonly sighted men’s jewelry, the following can also be comfortably called men’s jewelry.

Chains and bracelets: many men wear gold or silver chains and bracelets as part of their jewelry. These have become a fashion statement for the gen X but even the mature men are no where behind in wearing these.

Cufflinks and tie pins: Tie pins or tie tacks and cufflinks are common pieces of jewelry that men wear even in the boardroom but will never accept them as jewelry. The gold, silver or gemstone studded tie pins and cufflinks are their objects of desire always.

Key rings: this mostly unnoticeable accessory has become a piece of formal jewelry for men. The men like to keep key chains that project their persona and status. Gem studded keying or personalized key rings are in vogue. Some men also buy gold or sterling silver key rings.