The Glitter of Diamond Cut Jewelry

Diamond cut jewelry is a cheaper way of getting your jewelry to sparkle in a fashion that diamonds usually do. Diamonds are precious stones which have so many edges that light reflect beautifully within the various faces of the stone. However these are expensive and some people can resort to diamond cut gold jewelry which can be used in bangles, bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

Cutting your gold jewelry which in itself is expensive and beautiful should be done by an expert jeweler. This is because if the cuts are not proper or if the size of the cuts is not uniform, it may spoil the beauty of the jewelry.

Secondly, one must go to specialists who can meticulously produce the cuts to ensure that the cuts do not look cheap or dull. Diamond cut jewelry can be done both on yellow as well as white gold to give the items a lovely sparkle at a much lower cost.

Revisiting and Identifying Gold Jewelry

Although gold is considered to be one of the safest assets, buying gold without being fooled or cheated needs a fair amount of research. Pure gold which is 24 carat is yellow in color and is too soft and malleable to be generally used in jewelry. Hence it is usually mixed with other metals to varying extents. Hence the percentage of gold is the first thing to notice.

Most of the standard jewelry items have a carat marking that you should look for. 10K is the minimum below which it cannot be called gold. Secondly one must be careful of gold filled and gold plated jewelry. The fake jewelry has a good chance of leaving a greenish mark on your skin, being attracted by a magnet or losing the coating if rubbed thoroughly. All these are good ways of identifying if you are really looking at gold jewelry.

Ladies’ Gold Bracelets

Ladies’ gold bracelets are made either from 24 carat or 18 carat. There are many designs of bracelets that ladies can wear depending on the occasion. The cost of the bracelets could range between 10k to more than 40k.

A classic example of bridal bracelet is the panja bracelet which extends from the wrist to the fingers. The frosty finish of the bracelet which is almost 8 inches in length along with the adjustable rings makes it a beautiful jewelry piece famous for being worn by brides.

These fancy bracelets have their own varieties with one, two or three strings connecting the bracelet to the adjustable rings. Another popular design is the wide ladies’ bracelet which is almost half an inch wide and is as good as the wider bangles that brides wear. The filigree design and the finish with diamond cut shine lends these bracelets a charm of their own.

Diamond Kundan jewelry

Diamond Kundan jewelry is a rare art in India. Many artists produce Kundan jewelry that includes bangles, necklaces, bracelets and a lot of other items. Kundan jewelry is known for its royal look and great designs that belong to a different age. For example a Kundan bangle is made with diamonds and some shades of enamel to give traditional patterns. Similarly, a bracelet or Pacheli which is intricately designed with excellent enamel colors is a great example of the craftsmanship of Bikaner artists in Rajasthan.

Some of the necklaces are slightly longer with many stones studded on them. With 22k gold, a few of them have a black onyx base with excellent traditional designs. The Jhumar which is usually studded with sapphires and rubies is a classic example of Kundan earrings while the string necklace used polka and ruby pendants in the necklace laced with Kundan work. The pendants, diamonds and pearls along with other precious stones make the jewelry sparkling and beautiful.

The History of Native American Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry and bead jewelry are one of the more popular jewelry styles of the Native American Indians. They have also taken exotic designs outside the style of their tribes from various artists. The Navajo Indians for example were made famous by their Squash Blossom necklaces while the Zuni Indian techniques included more of mosaic and petit point jewelry that used lot of shells and stones.

Most of the American Indians use the sterling silver which is not pure but contains copper to make silver more malleable. Santo Domingo Indians make jewelry consisting largely of beads, jet, coral and turquoise. Hopi Indians too use stones and a technique of making silver jewelry where one sheet of silver with the designs can be overlaid on another sheet, followed by polishing of the sheets. Seashells, Mother of Pearl, beads, Conch, Abalone and Clam are other varieties used in the Native American Indian jewelry.

Wholesale Mexican silver jewelry

Mexican silver jewelry is often better and hence it is a good idea to get it wholesale from Mexico. The silver which is obtained from India or Thailand is not as good in quality as it is in Mexico. This is because Mexico is silver’s largest producer. Besides, since most of the silver jewelry is hand finished, it is of better quality and shines more. Small towns in Mexico have hundreds of silversmiths.

Most of the jewelry is handmade and doesn’t contain the sterling silver bits that are present in silver jewelry from other parts of the world. Towns like Taxco have been made famous worldwide by the quality of the jewelry coming out of that area. The designs that emanate from Mexico are authentic and different and seldom look similar to what has been circulating in other countries. One can find bangles, cuffs, earrings and bracelets of silver in various designs.

Native American turquoise jewelry

It is needless to count all the achievements of the American natives as it will take a long time to sum it up. Let’s talk about American turquoise jewelry that has been a land mark achievement of Navajo, Zuni and Hopi people who inhabit in New Mexico and Arizona areas of the country. These turquoise jewelries have been very special products of these people who are regarded as born craftsmen.

Local natives and the people who come here from all corners of the world show tremendous attention towards these outstanding jewelries as they are extremely attractive and less expensive. These turquoise jewelries are in great demand these days as they are commonly used as necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, belt buckles, and rings. People say that this form of jewelry is not an original product of this part of the world as they believe that it came here from India and Nepal. However, that does not reduce their attraction even by a bit.

An introduction to bridal jewelry

Wedding ceremony is probably the most memorable occasion in one’s life. Everyone likes to make these wedding day ceremonies very special for the wedding couples as well as those who are invited to witness the occasion. The bride, as usual, is the center of all attraction and she remains focused towards every pair of eyes that is invited there.

The bridal jewelry is an integral part of her wedding dress. The bride adorns herself with different types of cosmetics, but the actual attraction comes only when she puts on her bridal jewelry. Generally, the bridal jewelry is made of gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum. All these precious things are very attractive to look at and the jewelry gets a fantastic finish after it goes through the skilled hands of the goldsmiths and other skilled craftsmen. Undoubtedly this fashionable bridal jewelry is an asset for the newlywed bride that she preserves all through her life.

Designer gold bridal bands

Designer gold bridal bands are quite a rage in weddings these days. The gold bands are an integral part of all weddings. Designer bands serve a dual purpose of style and tradition. All brides want stylish designer bands which they can wear all their lives. The designer bands are either set in white or yellow gold and have combinations of precious stones like diamonds and rubies.

No one likes to wear simple bands thus exquisite designs are something all brides want. They want their rings to be stylish and unique so that they stand out from the rest. Designer gold bridal bands are available in all jewelry stores and now they are available on the online stores easily. One can look at all the beautiful designs that are available in the stores and see what they like. The designs are simply astounding and one will have a difficult time choosing the best one.

Gold religious jewelry

Gold religious jewelry is worn by many as it is symbol of faith in god almighty. Many people wear jewelry for religious purposes and they get inner joy wearing these. Mostly people wear gold pendants with gemstones or rings for religious purposes. Real precious jewels and stones are embedded in gold and worn for religious purposes.

Jewelry is worn in different cultures for religious purposes like in India and Egypt. People use a lot chains and pendants and stones for religious purposes. Most of the jewelry is made in real gold with precious stones. The stones are used as per the zodiac signs and the stones are used as remedies for wrong position of stars.

Astrologers recommend stones as per the problems that the user faces. The stones have powerful powers as per astrology and they bring good luck, wealth, health and prosperity to the person wearing it and help him be successful in all his endeavors.

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