Trends for the ruby engagement ring with diamonds

Relationships are very important and the liveliness and the beauty of a relationship can be expressed with beautiful gemstones. One of the most splendid combinations for an engagement ring is that of rubies and diamonds. Diamonds and rubies add a beauty of their own to the ring. The rubies that are used in the rings are red in color and they symbolize a beautiful bond and commitment and love. Diamonds with rubies are symbolic of a forever bond.

A beautiful ring option is to have two pear shaped diamonds around an oval ruby and set in white gold. A ruby with diamonds around it makes for another beautiful design. Diamonds and ruby in the shape of a flower is a stunning design which will be absolutely be loved by the girl. The combination of diamonds and rubies are so exquisite that most of the designs made using these two look great and beautiful.

How Custom Celtic Engagement Rings Are Made

There is a four step process to make custom Celtic engagement rings. The first and the most important step to make a ring is to choose the design of the ring. There are many designs available and when one wants a custom Celtic design, they need to choose the design as if this is planned well; it makes it easier to get the ring one wants. In the second step after the design is chosen, the ring is assembled.

There are three parts in a ring, the trinity shoulders, the center mount and the shank. After the ring is assembled the diamond has to be set. The mount should fit the diamond in a perfect manner and after that the claws are put. After the diamond has been set properly the final step is to polish the ring so that it shines the way we see most jewelry shining. The brilliance and the beauty of the ring will come out only after it is polished.

Significance of gold bangles in Indian weddings

Weddings in India are a big affair and the jewelry of the bride is one of the most important parts of a wedding. Gold jewelry is the most popular in Indian weddings as gold is considered to be very auspicious. In the Indian culture gold is supposed to be sacred and auspicious as it is the symbol of goddess Lakshmi.

Gold bangles are supposed to be a must for every bride as this will bring good luck to her and also destiny. Brides wear gold jewelry and gold bangles and this is supposed to bring good luck to her married life. Wearing gold jewelry in India is considered to be a blessing of the god.

A married woman in India cannot be bare armed as this is considered to be inauspicious. Gold is durable and thus is a symbol of a long happy married life for the bride and thus in most of the cultures in India, wearing gold bangles for the bride is a must.

White gold jewelry

For all jewelry lovers, while gold is the latest fad and thus one can see so many people wearing it now. There is basically no difference in the jewelry that is made with yellow gold or white gold, it is only a matter of personal style. Yellow gold is considered to be traditional and this is why the new generation wears white gold as with this they get a new look.

There is a beautiful range of jewelry that is made in white gold and most of these have absolutely splendid and beautiful designs. The white gold jewelry is definitely more stylish and popular and these look great with any kind of outfit. This jewelry is available easily in all jeweler showrooms and also on the internet. With such beautiful designs one will surely have a tough time to choose what they like. If one wants a wedding ring or a bracelet or bangles, white gold jewelry is certainly the most stylish and fashionable jewelry that they can buy.

Know Common Gold Terms before Buying Gold Jewelry

Buying gold is not easy as many think it to me. When one goes to but gold they have to they have to take many decisions with respect to the karat and the color and terms like gold plated and gold filled. If one wants a cheaper option when buying gold they can go for gold filled jewelry as this not solid gold. There is a coating of gold on a base metal in this type of jewelry. Another very important aspect to consider is the karat of the gold.

If one wants to buy pure gold then they should buy 24 karat gold. When one goes to buy jewelry they will realize that most of the jewelry is not available in 24 karats and is made in lesser karats like 18 and 14. This is because pure gold is malleable and soft. If one buys 18 karats gold is used that means it has eighteen parts of pure gold and other 25% is metal alloy.

Ruby Pendants Are All About Style

Ruby pendants worn with a beautiful chain add a different touch altogether and create a style statement of their own. Ruby pendants are mystic and full of passion with the red color. These can be studded in platinum, white gold or the conventional yellow gold. The pendants come in different shapes and sizes and make for a beautiful gift also.

Ruby stones can be found in different shades of the color red. The price varies with the color and the decision with respect to the choice of color depends on the budget of the person buying it. The medium dark red color should be the choice if budget is no constraint for the person buying it. Pendants made only with ruby stones are classy and come in different designs. The designs can also have diamonds with rubies and this adds a different touch to the pendant and its style and beauty.

An enduring tradition of meaningful jewelry

Jewelry has been with men and women for as long as anyone can remember. As gold and silver were discovered and ways to make them stronger and resistant enough to carve out designs were developed, jewelry items gained more and more popularity. Unlike the modern days, the ancient era consisted of men and women all of whom wore one form of jewelry or other. While some considered these as good luck charms that will help them receive protection from their gods in the form of good health and harvest year after year, some wore it to feel part of the nature.

Jewelry consists of precious stones, shells, beads, precious metals and various other components that have constantly changes as human beings evolved to a stage where jewelry started being worn more for a sense of style rather than anything else. Jewelry has been part of traditions since ages and also represents man’s desire for riches and man’s greed for more. Jewelry, a tradition that has endured many eras still continues to be part of worship, relationships and sometimes the cause of destruction.

Guide to Choosing Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum is a very expensive metal and is more precious than gold. Platinum jewelry because of the cost of platinum and the lovely look of the metal is fast gaining popularity. However, while buying platinum jewelry one must be careful not to be fooled. Platinum bands and wedding rings are amongst the more popular jewelry items. One must always check the hallmark of these jewelry items to ensure they have been verified by an authority previously.

The next thing you should ask the platinum smith or the store owner is the percentage of platinum in the wedding ring and what metal has been added to platinum to make the wedding ring. A small percent difference in the platinum content could make a big difference in cost. Some excellent platinum wedding rings can be found with master engraving, filigree work and other fine cuts that make the wedding rings look very beautiful.

A Brief History in Religious Jewelry

Religious jewelry has been prevalent since times immemorial. While the cross has been a popular symbol used in jewelry since centuries, the fish charm among Christians too remains popular. Rosary beads are another example of jewelry that has been popular amongst many different religions. When Islam came into Egypt, men were forbidden from wearing golden jewelry which is when silver jewelry gained popularity.

Ancient Egyptian jewelry used symbols like serpent, falcon, lotus and beetle most of which were related to good luck, healing and the power of gods. For Native Americans the jewelry was more a dedication to nature and gained importance especially during the harvest rituals. Their jewelry usually consisted of beads, shells, stones and other materials from which symbols of life were designed. Gold and diamond jewelry which was studded with precious stones like rubies and sapphires continue to dominate the Indian mythological stories as well as the Greek history.

Baby Jewelry in Gold

Baby jewelry in gold can be found online or in jewelry shops. Jewelry items given to kids are usually long lasting and represent memories of childhood. Simple hoops or gold charms with shades of enamel are generally perfect for babies. The baby jewelry in gold is usually made of 14, 18 and 20 carat gold. In fact Disney jewelry with gold Disney characters is something that looks adorable and perfect for a child’s birthday.

There are some stores which specialize in kids’ jewelry including mini bracelets 5 or 6 inches long and small earrings for girls. One can use white gold or yellow gold for baby jewelry.

Even red jewelry is sometimes very good for children. Size 3 rings and Disney boxes are amongst the more popular children’s jewelry. 14k gold which has more impurities and hence less expensive are used in most cases as children cannot maintain their jewelry carefully any way.