Changing trends in jewellery

With its ever changing trends, the jewellery industry has become as dynamic as the fashion industry. There is a constant churning of varied products, launch of new ideas and innovation. Each season introduces you to a brand new range of products or a reappearance of age old trends.

Gold jewellery has been in vogue since the time of our great-great grandmothers. But it is now being remodelled in never seen before avatars. As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend but women are equally thrilled about adorning jewellery with precious & semi-precious stones. Technological advancements have brought about a whole new dimension to the jewellery in terms of the cuts, shapes and finishes.

Even vintage ornament pieces have become a style statement. A recent popular trend is the popularity of fashion jewellery mainly due to its affordability & wide range. The design is created using gold, silver or metal polish on a base of metal or wood.

Demand of jewellery designers

Over the years, traditional jewellery has been at the forefront. People have preferred them during weddings and other ceremonies all the time. It gives a royal look which signifies the authenticity of the function.

However, over the years, there has been a revolutionary change in terms of the designs. The designers have transformed their skills into something more elegant and sophisticated. The demand for this category of designers has been quite high these days. With the consumers more likely to wear ornaments on a daily basis, they prefer something light and easy to carry but at the same time stylish, it is a big task for the designers to meet the needs.

The designers have started to learn moving into other metals rather than using the traditional gold or silver these days. Also stone and sea shells have been a part of their innovation drive and creativity but very few are perfectionists!

Factors affecting Constant hike in price of gold

Of late, the major hike in the price of gold has quite adversely affected the purchasing pattern of many customers. But most of you are quite unaware of the pertinent reasons which have lead to this constant increase in the price of gold. Gold is also a major facet which influences world economy; hence, it is quite essential that you have at least some knowledge on the pertaining causes.

There are few major factors such as the rise in investment levels in gold, the value of USD, gold production etc. which actively or passively affect the price of gold. More will be the value of US dollars, more will the price of gold be under control. As dollar is used as a medium of investment, the stronger the value of dollar is the more in control will be the price of gold.

Another factor that is adversely affecting the situation is the increase in the price of gold mining. With the hike in the cost of production pertaining to gold mining, the price of gold has taken a major leap, thus influencing the economic market largely. These are the major factors affecting price of gold, besides which the reserves of Central Bank, demand of gold by the Asian markets are also factors which influence the price of gold.

How to match your jewellery with your wardrobe

For an attire to look just perfect, it is very essential to accessorize it properly. Not every dress goes well with every piece of jewellery. Thus, before you hurry into purchasing any particular jewellery, make sure you do a reality check. Another factor which should be considered before purchasing jewellery is wearability.

A piece of jewellery may look pretty amazing, but you may never ever get to wear it as you don’t have anything that goes with it. Thus buying such a piece is nothing more than wastage of money.

Pick such jewellery that goes well with your wardrobe. For instance, pearl goes fabulously with formals and semi formals. It adds that extra class to complete the whole attire. If you mostly wear casuals, then silver goes very well with it. For something elegant as well as contemporary, diamond does the trick well.

A particular gemstone like emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. goes well only when matched properly. So go ahead and dazzle away in grandeur with the perfectly picked jewellery.

Things you must keep in my before buying a piece of jewellery

Your look is not complete unless you accessorise yourself with the right jewellery. In fact jewellery compliments your look so well, that without jewellery your entire get up would look incomplete.  In fact jewellery is not only a decorative piece for a girl. It is indeed nothing less than an asset. Considering how important a piece of jewellery is to you, you need to be extremely careful while buying your jewellery.

The first point that you need to keep in mind is your budget. When it comes to jewellery a lot depends on the cost. What purpose are you going to buy the jewellery for? Is there any special occasion for which you are buying the jewellery? Are you planning to match it up with any particular dress or something that would go with most? Decide from before hand whether you are going to shop for a casual style or classic style.

Be clear on what material you want as in whether you would love gold or any other material. Also ascertain that the dealer is giving you the right deal.

10 must haves in your jewellery collection

Jewellery becomes a very important style statement for a woman. Each piece of jewellery is a statement of not only style but also of personality. Considering how jewellery becomes the extension of the individual personality every woman has her personal collection which is unique. However there are certain things that are a must have for all woman.

The first is a pearl drop earring. They look particularly good in a wedding ceremony. A steel bracelet is quite an important piece of jewellery as it can be carried on all occasions. The third is a pair of steel danglers. An exquisite simple chain preferably gold is another piece of jewellery that you must have.

Talking of necklace there is another kind of necklace that will always be in fashion – charm necklace, another must have. Hoops for the ear are jewellery that all girls should own. A pendant which is your signature style is another extension of your personality. Another of the accessories that are quite in vogue is the multicolored beaded funky necklaces.  A pendant with your birthstone is also important. Having chunky rings for the hands make quite a style statement.

Crystal studded bracelet, a perfect wedding present

Are you looking for a perfect wedding present for your wife, which is really personal and will portray your love for her in the most genuine form? Jewellery, as a wedding gift is a pretty good pick as she will be able to cherish this forever. Now, if you want something sleek, contemporary as well as elegant, a crystal studded bracelet can be a fine choice.

For ages crystals have be recognised as a sign of elegance, class as well as glamour. If embedded artistically on a bracelet, crystals can enhance its beauty by times. You can also get it custom made using a design which she will definitely adore. You can opt for gold, silver or platinum as the base material according to your affordability.

Lots of beautiful pieces are available both in stores and online and you can pick the one that seems special to you. Thus choose the perfect present for your wife and woo her on your very special day.

Make your feet look even more beautiful with silver anklets

Silver jewellery has been much in vogue for quite long now. Accessories like silver rings, silver earrings, and silver necklaces are quite common. But now, with beautiful silver anklets adorn your flawless feet and make them look much prettier. Mostly worn by teenagers, these anklets can be carried off by anyone from any age group.

Now add that touch of elegance and get noticed by all with your beautiful feet adorned by a sleek and trendy silver anklet. A perfect gift for all occasion, these anklets are available in many variants. They are found in simple chains as well as in the crystal studded variants. Be it the simple ones or the decorative ones, this piece of jewellery can sure turn heads.

Pick the one you like and add that extra bit of charm and elegance to your whole attire. Most men love anklets on women and thus it is an added reason to wear it. Thus go ahead and walk away with charm with beautiful silver anklets.

How to keep your crystal jewelry good as new

Crystal jewelry has its own charm. You should know how to take care of it so that it does not lose its beauty and appeal. Its maintenance is not very tough. You can take care of that favorite jewelry of yours at home also. Some of the solutions to it would be as follows:

  • Never wear them on a daily basis because your daily activities like kitchen-work, makeup or your sweat can spoil them and they might lose their luster.
  • You can make your home-made mix which consists of alcohol, water and some liquid soap (never use detergents) and cleanse your jewelry with it.
  • You can also soak your crystals in a solution and then rinse them with lukewarm water to get rid of the chemicals which might affect your jewelry.
  • Take some dry sea salt in a container and bury those crystals of yours in them for 4-5 hours. Be sure to keep them away from sea water as it might discolor your precious jewelry.

Platinum Love Band, a Perfect Wedding Gift

Gifts are always difficult to select, and if it is a wedding gift to your special someone, you really have to find something equally special. A platinum love band is a perfect choice. It is neither to dressy nor too casual and in its simplicity lays its beauty.

The gift should symbolize the strength and love that lays the foundation of your marriage and the understated elegance and beauty of platinum brings out both the love and the stability. Platinum neither has the common exuberance of gold nor the fickleness of silver. Platinum is rare, and stable, just like the love you have been blessed with.

A gift is not judged by how expensive it is or how much it will impress; a gift represents the thought and the feeling behind it. A platinum love band will be a special, heartfelt gift. Wish you a marriage of bliss and one that is for a lifetime.

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