Match Your Fashion Jewellery with Your Style

Making a first impression is very important in today’s world. People judge you based on your first impression and therefore it is necessary to be unique in all ways, all the time! To facilitate that, there are loads of things you can do to make an unique trend.

Long gone are the days when you wore personalized and witty T-shirts. Everyone is doing that now, and then what is unique about that? Now, this is the period for personalized fashion Jewellery to rule the world!

Now, don’t think about bags of necklaces and rings when you hear the word – Jewellery. Don’t you know that Jewellery can be simple and elegant? Even wearing wrist watches is a fashion these days. Buy a good looking watch which you don’t have to look hard at to know the time. Then you can alter the straps and add extra accessories to the watch to make it a fashion material.

Similarly, you can alter different things to create a style symbol for yourself!

Wear Pearls on Your Wedding

Every woman wishes to look her stunning best on her wedding day. Be it the wedding dress, make up or the jewellery – each and every element must be perfect and beautiful. It can be quite a challenging task to pick out the right kind of jewellery for your wedding day. There are a plethora of options available these days, ranging from gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

Women tend to shy away from pearls as a wedding jewellery option because they believe it will make them look older. No matter what your age or skin color is, pearls look great on one and all. There is nothing more classic and elegant than a string of pearls on a woman’s neck. Make sure that you match the pearls with the color of your wedding outfit. A white dress should be matched with white pearls whereas cream or antique pearls can be paired with an off white gown.

Turquoise jewellery, timeless beauty

Do you have a fetish for exquisite gemstones, which are not only elegant but also very trendy? If so, the bluish green turquoise is fine pick for you. Although a birthstone for the December borns, this beautiful stone can be carried off by most women of any age group. Astrologers recommend this gemstone usually to enhance your empathetic side, but it can very well be worn to make a fashion statement.

A very soft stone by nature, turquoise is quite prone to getting scratched. Hence regular maintenance is also much essential. A perfect gift for your loved one; this beautiful piece of jewellery can win hearts in no time. Purchasing turquoise jewellery is quite an investment, hence before you pick one; make sure you are purchasing it from a reputed source.

Perfect for adding that dash of sophistication to your whole attire, this precious stone is a must have. Hence accessorize your favorite outfit with a piece of turquoise jewellery, and let the rest gasp in awe.

What Each Stone Symbolizes

Jewelry especially Diamonds are the epitome of true love! Not just because they are costly but because of the amount of work and time that a worker takes to make a simple diamond jewelry. For instance, the three stone diamond ring is always hailed as the greatest gift a lover can give to his better half. But have you ever wondered what is so special about that ring? Here is your answer.

Each stone of the ring symbolizes the past, present and the future of the couple’s life. So what better a gift can there be other than this? It is a symbol of true love which can never be achieved by words.

Although, there are many fakes in the market at present and be sure to buy the diamond from a well known seller rather than buying the cheaper one. Once you choose the perfect ring, you are ready to deliver the special gift to your loved one!

Bracelets For Men

The fascination for jewelry is no longer exclusive to women. Men too are increasingly becoming fond of sporting and flaunting jewel pieces. The most popular jewelry item among men is bracelets. You will find innumerable bracelet options designed exclusively for men in all jewelry stores. The bracelets designed for men tend to differ from those meant for women. They tend to be masculine and sturdy in look, crafted in unusual metals or bases.

While women tend to like their jewelry based in yellow gold, men prefer high tech metals such as titanium and stainless steel. Men also find favor with silver based bracelets. Leather seems to be a hot favorite among men as it gives a manly and cool look. Leather bracelets often come encrusted with stones or shells. You can also go for beaded bracelets in earthy or dark colors. To set yourself apart from others, personalize your bracelet by inscribing a note or message on it.

Pearl as a perfect choice for wedding jewelry

Picking the right jewelry for a wedding purpose is pretty much one of the most important tasks. You have got to be careful to pick the jewelry which will looks as pure and elegant as your wedding. The jewelry should not be too loud and jazzy to look out of place on the bride. At the same time it should not be too modest that it is unable to compliment the bride. Yet it should go with the overall theme of the wedding along with compliment the bride’s radiance.

One of most sought after jewelry for wedding is the pearl. In most of the weddings the pervading color used on the bride is white. Nothing compliments white as well as a pearl jewelry set. Each pearl reflects upon the radiance that shows on the bride’s face beautifully. The most convenient factor about pearl is that it does not put too much strain on your budget and at the same time does not look too inexpensive.

Diamond earrings a must have accessory

Is your anniversary round the corner? Do you want to gift your wife that perfect present which is equally personal and extravagant? If so, diamond earrings are an elegant choice, which would tastefully portray your affection towards her. Rightfully described as ‘diamonds are forever’, this piece of jewellery will never go out of trend. Be it the drops, the hoops, the studs or the chandelier earrings, diamonds are and will remain always in trend.

Another added advantage pertaining to diamond earrings is that this elegant pierce of jewellery can be the perfect accessory with any kind of outfit. It can equally jazz up a contemporary evening gown as well as add that elegant feel to a formal dress. Diamonds can never go wrong. Highly elegant and equally trendy, diamonds are the perfect gift for any occasion, which she will cherish forever. Besides this, diamonds are the hardest of the gemstones, thus your better half will be able to treasure this present forever. So, go ahead and woo her with the perfect pair of diamond earrings.

Gold jewellery, a trend that will never grow old

Gold is one of the most widely used metals for jewellery. They do not react with the atmosphere hence they last for years. Timeless gold jewelry are like family heirloom which you can from transfer generation to generation. Gold is a very soft metal so a little amount of copper or silver is added to it to make it harder. White gold is made by adding a small percentage of nickel or palladium.

Gold is characterized by its “karat weight”. Gold is named as 24 karat, 18 karat, etc. This basically shows how many parts of gold are pure and how many parts are not. As mentioned above impurity is needed to be added to make gold harder.

Gold is jewellery for a lifetime. So if you are planning to buy gold or gold plated jewelry. Get a great design which would be fresh even after many years. Get your jewellery from a reputed jeweler and get your gold jewelry and keep it for life, as good as new.

Stay in trend with sleek Sapphire earrings

Sapphire has its only glory. Belonging to the family of Corundum, Sapphire has been a part of many folklores and royal histories. Myth holds blue sapphire responsible for the hue of earth as well as the sky. Old medicine says, sapphire can heal eyes and hence was prescribed to St. Paul of London in 1931 to cure his eyes. Greeks believed Sapphire rings lose color when your husband is being unfaithful.

However, today’s world treats Sapphire as a symbol of vogue and a perfect gift for your would-be better half or your Valentine. They come in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, pink, green and many more. However, most desired is blue which gave it its name. Among all pieces of jewelry, sapphire earrings have a different elegance in it. They come in various designs to enrapture you.

Some come as studs on a platinum base, some as a dangling flower and some are accompanied by tiny starts to give a bedazzled effect. And if it’s a question of tight money, you can go for the ones that offer pink and blue sapphire on a gold base.

Important factor for buying a piece of diamond jewellery

Shopping and excitement goes hand in hand. But when it comes to shopping for jewellery, the level of excitement takes a major hike. But in this excitement, we often forget many essential factors which should be always kept in mind while picking up expensive pieces. For instance if you are planning to purchase anything in diamonds, you might as well need to spend quite a bit. Thus, when hard earned money is in question, it is very essential that you pick things up rationally.

Not all diamonds are perfect, but the dealers are smart enough to portray them just perfectly. Thus, before picking up the final piece, make sure you look carefully enough. Four factors that define a perfect diamond are cut, color, carat and clarity. These are the few considerations on which the prices vary that is the better the cut, better the clarity, better the colour, the higher the price. Thus go ahead and pick that perfect diamond jewellery for yourself and dazzle away in shine and glamour.