How to keep your gold jewelry always sparkling?

Gold is an asset for many and it is therefore important to keep all the gold jewellery you have sparklingly clean as, if you intend to sell it later the price might come down in case it is tarnished. So you ought to be very careful. Mostly gold does not tarnish but it can get dirty by the oil secretion from your skin, the body lotion and the make up you use. Many products in the market claim to clean gold but you need not take that much extra effort you can use home ingredients to keep the gold sparkling clean.
You would need mild washing detergent and a soft cotton cloth. Firstly make a mixture of the mild detergent and some warn water in a rounded bowl. Place the gold jewellery in the mixture and soak it for few minutes. Then gently brush the jewellery with a soft toothbrush. Lastly remove the gold from the mixture, wash it well with water and dry it with a clean soft polishing cloth.

Silver ornaments: tradition and style

The tradition and style of silver ornaments makes it the most sought after item after gold and diamonds. But it is highly essential to keep the silver ornaments clean to maintain its sheen and luster. Silver ornaments are very likely to tarnish and hence need regular cleaning and polishing. The method to keep the silver ornaments is simple just take a wet cotton soft cloth dipped in mild dish soap. Always ensure that you never use any abrasive materials to clean the silver ornament and use only mild cleaners for the metal.

Then rub it gently over the ornament to get rid of the dirt and grime. Rinse it with plain water preferably warm water and dry it with a soft cloth. For polishing use the commercial silver polish available in the market, rub the polish with soft cotton for a long time to get back the luster. Using a soft brush to put the polish into the nooks and crevices of the ornament also works.

Planning to buy jewelry for wedding? Here are few tips

Every woman desires to look her stunning best on her wedding day. Be it your wedding dress, shoes or jewelry, it is important that each element is chosen wisely. The wedding jewelry can greatly enhance or mar your overall appearance. Here are some tips for picking out the right kind of jewelry for the wedding day. The idea is to pick out elegant as well as trendy designs.

You must coordinate the jewelry with the wedding outfit. The jewelry must not overpower the wedding dress nor look misplaced. White color based jewelry made of pearls; diamonds and white gold are a hot favorite among women. If you are wearing a colored outfit or have a wedding color scheme, you can go for jewelry based in stones such as sapphire, ruby or emeralds. It is advisable to select jewelry pieces that reflect your personality and perfectly match with your skin tone. For daytime weddings, never buy flashy or bold jewelry.

Black pearls: rare beauty in gems

A woman is often attracted by pearls, and when you mention pearls, you tend to imagine of the white ones. Women, who are fond of ornaments are definitely fond of pearls and would have a shelf specific to that genre. However, there are many others who are attracted to the black colored pearls too. Black Pearls are quite rare and costly too. Those people who are fond of black costumes and apparels, they would probably die to own a set of black pearl based ornaments.

These days, black pearls are widely available in the market, unlike in the past when they were only purchased abroad. Black pearls bring in a modern look to the image and can be quite eye catchy in certain occasions. One advantage of the black pearl versus the while ones is that the color sticks to itself for long. You can also wipe them with cotton dipped in water once in a while.

Bracelet – The most attractive item in jewelry

Bracelet which forms one of the most attractive items in jewelry for the women has a lot of advantages to its side if used the right one. For example, Magnet bracelets. They were used in ancient Greek times as healing components. It was known to prevent any sort of injury and fasten up the recovery process.

In fact these are now available as women magnetic bracelets that can be used to cure neck pain, headaches, back pain, circulation problem. Other medical issues that it deals with are that it improves the blood circulation and increase supply of blood to the hands. As blood circulation in hand increases, the rest of the body is at an advantage too, reduces pain in other body parts.

The healing powers of the magnetic bracelet give a relieving and soothing effect that no doctor can give. So other than being just an attractive piece of jewelry it has healing powers too.