White gold or platinum, which is a better pick

White gold jewelry is considered to be more expensive than the ordinary yellow gold. But those who want the shine and sheen of platinum and cannot afford it, and then White gold is the most viable option to choose. Generally any jewelry made out of white gold is stunning and attractive, but yet simple in carved designers. When it comes to platinum, they are most costly. If you can afford it, then it’s the best and most durable kind of jewelry.

Platinum rings represent the love, affection and commitment of the loved one. They bring out the maximum shine and jazz. So if you want to flaunt your ring or jewelry, pick up platinum. Your bride or your girlfriend would prefer settling for a small platinum stud or ring as a sign of love. But when it comes to band metal, the best one is the white gold embedded with precious stones.

Tips to keep in mind while picking up diamonds for the 1st time

Owning a diamond is everyone’s dream and to ensure that you don’t get fooled by any of those fake jewelers, you should keep certain tips in mind before finalizing your diamond. Therefore the first important step while buying is to consider the four C- clarity, cut, color and carat. These factors help you decide the quality and price of the diamond.

The cut helps you to gauge the sparkle and the brightness of the particular diamond. The number of cuts determines the shine of it. Another important factor is the color of the diamond. Diamonds are priced according to their color, the white ones are expensive, and diamonds with a slight yellow tinge are considered cheaper. Apart from this is the clarity in the shine of the diamond, the clearer the shine, the higher the price. And the carat calculation is also easy, as the increasing carat results in the increasing price too.

Wear simple earrings to look pretty

Everyone wants to look good and you are definitely no different. If you want to turn a few heads around you need to remember that your attire and your accessories are equally important. A lot of people focus their entire attention on their attire and forget about their accessories. This is nothing less than a faux paus. Talking of accessories, earrings are the most important. And simple earrings work the best.
Simple sleek earrings add the oomph factor to your look without overdoing it. You can get simple earrings in almost any kind of metal that you want. However, simple earrings made of white gold are in vogue now. And simple diamond earrings are an eternal favourite with women.

If you think that sleek and simple earrings will burn a hole in your pocket, you are mistaken. You can get fashionable simple earrings at reasonable prices in every shopping mall. Better still, you can make simple earring at home!

Use home remedies for cleaning dust from jewelry items

Your jewelry collection is one that is chosen with a lot of care by you. Often what you are wearing gets noticed only if you can compliment the attire with the right kind of jewelry. However it is very important to take care of your jewelry. In case you do not, they might get marred for ever. What most people do not know is that these jewelries can be often cleaned and made as good as new with the help of common household products.
If you mix baking soda up with one of the one of the detergents you can be sure that you have just prepared an excellent cleansing agent for your precious metals like gold and silver. As far as your gemstones are considered, separate treatments with alcohol and liquid dish washer work wonders on them. For those with a fetish for pearls, you ordinary hair shampoo works great.