Tips to purchase the right sized gold necklace

When you buy gold you want every aspect of it to be just perfect. When you can give so much preference to the quality of the gold, its warrantee and design, then what about the size, you just cannot wear average size jewellery. The way you are very particular about the right sized ring or a bracelet, you should give equal importance to your neck lace. Check out some great tips to get down to the right size of necklace.

The basic rule to buy the best necklace is the one having an above the neck measurement. For this you need to measure your neck with a measure tape and then add 2-4 inches according to the kind of necklace you are purchasing.

You should also determine the shape of your face and accordingly choose your gold necklace. You shouldn’t go for necklaces either too long or too short. Also ensure that the necklace length include the clasp which will make the gold necklace perfect sized indeed.

Complete your evening look with a perfect pair of diamond earring

Diamond earrings have become more affordable than it was before. It is great gift especially for women. A pair of diamond earrings completes a woman’s evening look. Diamonds have a sparkle inside and outside. They have a glittering touch which is excellent. At night the jewelry works well as it has a shine.

Diamond earrings can be of different shapes, sizes and colour. The popular colours are white, yellow, blue etc. Diamonds hold a premier position among all the stones. There are many brands which offer diamond jewelry. Many earrings are fashionable. You need to know the kind of earrings you want. You can look for designs in online diamond stores. Many women find it difficult to choose the correct pair of diamond jewelry.

You can buy diamond studs. You can get silver based diamond earrings or gold based ones. You can also try the platinum based diamonds earrings. There are many cuts of earrings to choose from.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing diamonds online

With the advancement in technology and less time to personally go shopping has made online shopping a need for the hour. Not only less expensive things are purchased online but even the jewellery has a high demand in the online market. As you know “diamond is a girl’s best friend” there are various points you should look out while shopping for your diamonds online to get the best ones at best prices.

You should prepare a budget before you start surveying. Also note down the type of jewellery you want whether it is a necklace, a ring or a bracelet. Once you start checking particular sites for jewellery you should check whether they have company registration number and call company office to clear away your doubts. You can email them as well.

You should also check the diamond certification and buy only from those who provide a cash back guarantee. Buying through credit card is the best option as credit card companies they do not endorse fraudulence.

Is investing in diamond earrings a good idea

Do you want to splurge your money to woo your lady love with a pair of astounding diamond ear rings? Well then following a few guidelines while investing for this precious piece of jewelry would be immensely beneficial for you.

A diamond could be of various types but as an investor you always need to be cautious of the fake diamonds which are generally made of crystals or shards of glass. Several latest technologies have made it difficult to distinguish between real and false diamonds. Diamond moissannites are renowned for its closest similarities with the diamonds made by human labor.

Investing in diamond earrings is always a good idea if you extra careful in terms of its color, shape, and carat weight while purchasing it. White or colorless diamonds are way safer to buy than the colored ones and to prevent yourself from the authenticity hazards of the diamond dealers always get your expenditures in a printed format.

Learn to clean your diamonds well

A diamond set or jewelry is every girl’s treasure. These days even men wear diamond rings and ear studs. Diamonds are precious and everlasting. A diamond is forever. Of course you have to take good care of it. To keep up the shine and sparkle of your diamond, you have to give it a regular cleaning. If you don’t it will end up looking like any other white stone! Here are a few tips on how you can clean your diamonds-

1) If your diamond is deeply embedded in gold/platinum, then you will find dirt collecting around the rim of the binding. The best way to get rid of this kind of dirt is to soak your diamond in lukewarm water and add a detergent mild in nature to the mix.

2) Use a soft brush and rub off the dirt gently.

3) If the dirt refuses to go or if you are too pressed for time to do it yourself then you can go to your nearest jewelry store and get it cleaned professionally.

How to take care of your pearl jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is popular amongst females of all age group. They are not only classy but they add the just needed elegance to your outfit. Thus its very important to take care of the jewelry in a proper way so they don’t get damaged, and keep on highlighting you evening, by making you look more beautiful.

A few tips one should keep in mind for taking care of their jewelry is they should put it on after they are done with their makeup and applying perfume. Dirty pearls can be cleaned by using a mild solution of soap and water, and never with harsh substances like detergents and ammonia. They should be always rubbed gently with soft linen cloth and never with an abrasive one, as rubbing them with such a rough surface will make the beads look ordinary. Also one should be careful not putting their precious pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner and lastly pearls should never be stored with any other jewelry, as they are prone to get scratched easily.

A must have accessory for any women: black diamond ear studs

There is nothing much that you can say about jewelry? They are a necessity in every woman’s life. And speaking of jewels, diamond is said to be a woman’s best friend! Diamonds can be of different colors. The most popular notion among people is that only white diamonds can be bought and used in jewelry.

However this is wrong, diamonds of any color can be worn, the more exquisite the color, the more expensive it is. But if you want to wear diamonds but is tired of wearing the same old white ones then an affordable second option is to go for black diamonds.

Get yourself a pair of black diamond ear studs and see how it changes your entire look. You can wear it with a black dress to look serene and mysterious or with any other color. Polished black diamonds are as glittery and precious as diamonds of any other color.

For men this is a wonderful gift when you make that special some one in your life happy. It can be your mother, your sister, your wife or the love of your life. They are all going to love it!

Men’s diamond ear studs: a perfect accessory for the contemporary man

Men’s earrings serve their purpose of self expression and ornamentation. Men have been piercing their ears for a long time. Earlier it was a way to attract women and it also symbolized the openness of a man to accept the wisdom of elder men.

Mostly men pierce one ear lobe. This is the classic style. They can wear a diamond stud on the ear lobe. The diamond stud is simple and the size depends on the person wearing it. There are many sizes and shapes of diamond earrings. The colour of a diamond stud is clear. The sparkle and shine of the diamonds make them look special.

You need to take good care of a diamond stud. The earring has to be cleaned from time to time with mild soap and soft cloth. When you open the stud keep it in a box so as not to lose it. The diamond ear stud is a perfect accessory for men belonging to the contemporary times.

Victorian era gold jewelry for added elegance

Jewelry from the Victorian era adds elegance to a wardrobe. This jewelry has an antique charm about itself. Victorian jewelry is usually heavy and has conservative designs. The jewelry is characterized by the use of thin plates and gold sheets. Gem stones like ruby, pink topaz, citrine, blue zircon, emerald, sapphire and garnet are used. Often natural materials like bog oak, lava, ivory and tortoise shell are used.

Victorian motifs include lockets, serpents and hair jewelry and love birds. Different motifs in Victorian jewelry have different meanings. For instance a crescent moon means honeymoon and is an ideal gift from a husband to a wife on the wedding night. Violets represent modesty and pansies represent thought.

At a later age Victorian jewelry started using dark and heavy stones. It became more austere. You can find buttons, brooches, cuff links and pendants designed during those times. These days many brides opt for Victorian jewelry.

Antic wedding gold jewelry

Many brides prefer wearing antic gold jewelry on their wedding day. Antic gold jewelry also known as vintage jewelry has a certain grace about itself. They give an old world charm to the bride. There are many varieties that you will find when it comes to antic jewelry.

There are different kinds of necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets that you can choose from. Antic jewelry will remind you of a bygone era. You will also get different styles and sizes of jewelry. The most common ones are gold rings, charms and beads.

Antic jewelry increases the style quotient of your wardrobe and that too without trying very hard. You can add glamour to your bridal look when you wear antic gold jewelry on your wedding. The affordability of the jewelry pieces vary. Browse through several sites and online shops to get an idea about the jewelry that you want.

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