Sapphire ear drops: an elegant choice for the modern woman

Jewels are a woman’s best friend. These days’ people are experimenting with all kinds of materials when it comes to jewelry and not just sticking to gold, silver or platinum. Gemstones adorn a piece of jewelry very well and sapphire is a great option for the contemporary woman of today. They are available in a wide range of colors like yellow, or green and blue. They have a tendency to shine and shimmer highly so that is a major factor why these are so popular these days.

Any kind of formal outfit with a pair of sapphire chandelier earrings or any other form of ear drops can make your entire look come to life. Be the centre of attention at any party by putting on your favorite sapphire earrings. Also these earrings are a great idea for gifts to a newlywed bride or your partner. There can hardly be any woman who can say no to such amazing creations of fashion and beauty.

Choices of wedding rings for you

Choosing a wedding ring that is both beautiful, exquisite and suits your personality is nothing less than a challenge. With the wedding coming closer and a lot of other works to take care of, there are many who do not find enough time to choose the ring they always wanted. Buying the first ring that seems good has been the way for many.

However today you can sit at the comfort of your home and browse through hundreds of wedding rings online. These online shops showcase rings of varying taste and cost. You are sure to find many which will suit your budget and taste at the same time.

There are matching wedding rings available for both the bride and groom, so that you both can sport a unique pair. Wedding rings are the special to every married and going to be married couple, make sure that it is something that is nothing less than your dreams.

Silver anklets: now adorn your beautiful feet

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Silver is that kind of material which matches every kind and color of outfit. You can wear them with traditional clothes and even you can use it as a funky accessory with western outfits as well. Silver anklets are a very pretty accessory which can adorn you and make any look come to life. In today’s trends of contemporary fashion, anklets are the object to experiment with. Silver anklets are easy to use, handle and clean.


They are considerably well priced and affordable and come in various shapes and designs. You can go for the delicate string like anklet look or you can be bold and try something on the heavy and chunky side as well. Silver anklets are easily and widely available. Silver is also seen an object of friendship. So if your bestie’s birthday is coming up, you know what to get her.

Tips to clean white gold jewelry

White gold is defined as the gold metal which is plated with a rhodium or nickel or palladium or platinum protective coating. It is a pale alloy and resembles the white color and hence was termed as white gold. There are some simple steps which can take care of the aesthetical nature of this beautiful metal. Before starting the cleaning procedure, check for any flaws or imperfections on the jewelry – if any found, take it to the jeweler immediately.

Now take a dish with a mixture of warm water (1.1l) and dish soap (5ml) and swish it until the soap bubbles appear. Now keep your jewelry soaked in the dish for a span of 10-20 minutes. After which, you can remove the dirt or grime with a soft toothbrush. If you’re done cleansing the dirt from the jewelry, you can now rinse it in warm water and be sure that you’ve rinsed all the soap from it.