Difference between 9K gold jewellery and 24 K

Jewellery is something we all love. When it comes to jewellery, gold is considered the best and simply preferred more than any other metal all over the world. There is however different kinds of gold in the market, in order to make sure that you know what you are buying you need to be acquainted with the varieties of gold available.

Here are some of the major differences between 9K gold jewellery and 24K-

1)      The letter K here stands for the word Karat that is used as a measurement for the amount and quality of gold present in jewellery. This means that any jewellery having 9K gold has very less amount of pure gold in it. Some do not even consider 9K jewellery as actual gold.

2)      However in case of 24K gold, it is considered to be the purest form of gold. Jewellery made with 24K gold is of the highest value and the costliest of all gold jewellery.

Emerald: a perfect match for gold

Are you planning to get a stone studded ring for your beloved on her birthday? Well, diamond studded gold rings are passé’. Gift the love of your life an emerald studded gold ring. Emerald comes from beryl and it gets its unique green color from traces of vanadium or chromium. However, while choosing a gold ring studded with emerald make sure that you check the clarity and color of the emerald. It will be great if the emerald has rich green color and is very transparent.


If you think that the person you will be gifting the ring to will not like rich green colored, you can opt for an emerald with secondary hue of blue or yellow. While selecting the cut of the emerald keep the design of the gold ring in mind. A gold ring with simple design will complement a round emerald while a more ornately designed ring will look good with an oval emerald.

Why is welsh gold a good pick

If you opt for the best in life then welsh gold jewellery are the best choice you can opt for when it comes to gold ornaments. It is the best gift one can present to his loved ones and a gift which one can gladly accept; in short one can say that it is the symbol of love. If you are choosing a Welsh pendant made of gold then don’t give it a second thought as it will be a piece of jewellery which you can wear in every occasion whether wearing it in your office everyday or wearing it casually while hanging around with friends or in a formal occasion. This small gold piece can never go wrong in any occasion. You will find welsh gold pendants in different combinations of either silver with rose gold or yellow with rose gold and can choose the one combination which appeals to you the most.

Learn To Read Jewellery Marks

Reading the markings and signs on a piece of jewellery can be a pain for most people. Most people simply do not have the required knowledge to read and understand these. Generally there are marking on gold like 10K, 14K and 18K and so on. A 14K means the gold is about 585 whereas in 18K it is 750.

Pure gold is marked at 24 karat but as it is too soft to hold up to stones and other jewellery accessories, generally a bit of other metals are mixed with them. For example18 karat gold has 18 parts of pure gold mixed with some other metal to make it suitable for use in jewellery making. 18 divided by 24 gives 750 and that is where the number comes from. It means that in 18 karat gold, there is 75% pure gold as compared to 100% in 24 karat gold. Sterling silver is marked at 925 and means that it is 92.5% pure silver and rest is other metals.


Tips to take care of your gold and diamonds

It’s true that jewelries are a girl’s best friends and they need the utmost care if based on gold and diamonds. If you are not aware of the exact procedure to look after them effectively, here are some tips to help you.

First of all, always remember to keep your ornament aside if you are doing something in exposure to chemicals such as lab testing or swimming. Then, do make sure to clean the jewelry pieces once in a while with a solution of warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush.

Then, keep a check on the gold and diamond jewelries from time to time to detect for loose stones and gems and in case you find any don’t delay to take it to the jeweler. Another important tip is that always put on the jewelries after you are done with your cosmetics as otherwise it might hamper its shine.

Contemporary gold jewelry designs for you

Jewelry is that one thing not everybody can afford – provided that the originality is under consideration here. A perfect dress never looks really perfect until and unless you highlight it with a suitable ornament. And what better ornament than a gold set, though the contemporary designs include the use and wear of platinum and silver jewelry as well. Now, if you’re the one who completely hates the ongoing fashion, you can try some of the designer stuff that is explicitly made for you.


Carrying a 9ct gold pendant or any of the unique designer stuff, you’re at your looking best and the dress you’ve put on will show more elegance. And if you’re equipped with enough accessories like bangles, anklets, rings or even necklaces – nothing more can satisfy your urge of achieving the dazzling beauty you’ve always longed to have. Make sure that the jewelry is light in weight so that you can flaunt it with any dress you want.

Cariad gold jewelry: a token of love

Cariad is basically a Welsh term for love, endearment and that special someone. Valentine ’s Day is the best time to show one’s cariad how much they love their partner. Cariad jewellery is a very stylish and unique partner for a woman. These can be a very good gift for those who are in serious relationships. The most interesting thing about cariad jewellery is that they have Welsh gold in them. And since welsh gold is very rare this makes cariad jewellery a very impeccable Valentine’s Day gift.

There are many options to choose from in cariad jewellery. It can be bangles, earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings. Sometimes there is a little fusion done with silver or any other precious metal or stone added to it. One can also get cariad charm bracelets. They are very beautiful and are available with a combination of yellow and rose gold and others with silver and rose gold.