Gold being the ruling metal in jewelry, silver is not left behind also. Silver ornaments are specifically popular among working people to serve the purpose of less costly yet elegant ornaments. Silver made jewelry particularly bracelets have the tendency to get tarnished in contact with chemicals, sweat, dust and moisture. Cleaning silver jewelry can be a daunting task if you do not know the process to follow.

At home, silver bracelets can be cleaned with soft cotton cloth and gentle soaps (scented soaps should be avoided) and polished. Do not use toothbrushes. Also, cleaning them with a mixture of baking soda and salt, or with toothpaste, or even with gruel (the starchy water left after boiling rice) are some simple home methods.

While using detergent remember to use warm water. Silver jewelry can be polished also but home remedies are the best when it comes to keeping them as shining as ever.

Match your evening ensemble with gorgeous ruby earrings

gorgeous ruby earrings, ruby earrings  People are unaware of the elegance and look which ruby earrings add to a person’s overall package. Ruby earrings can easily match different styles and colors of attire that you wear. Even if your dress is not a designer one or you are not wearing a necklace round your neck; wearing ruby earrings will manage to grab the attention of many. These gemstones are as beautiful as sapphires or diamonds.

Women love to put on ruby earrings while wearing a simple and elegant evening dress to add to their beauty. The scarlet bright colors are very appealing to the eye. Ruby stones have been used as a jewelry piece since the olden days. You can put on the ruby earrings during special occasions as well as while you are just stepping out of your house. The aura which these stones add is something worth it.


Pearl droplets for the classy contemporary woman

Besides the regular gold, silver, platinum, diamond etc. jewellery what can make a contemporary woman look perfectly classy and elegant is jewellery made of pearl droplets. Expensive nevertheless it’s the best a woman can get; it’s only fair to say that gold and silver no matter how priceless they are for women all over the world, the best a woman can look in is with classic pearl jewels.

It has a unique feature of shining that is not mandatory for other metals. What makes pearl droplets more fascinating is the fact that it’s suitable for women of all age. Even a woman at 60 can look contemporary with a pearl necklace or a bracelet may be and can pull it off really well. The best part about pearl droplets is that they are not carved into any design or texture; they’re simple and elegant. They make great accessories and are must for every woman.