Chunky silver rings: for that hippie look

Chunky silver ringsDo you want to sport a hippie look? Hippie look is very much preferred by the teenagers and they dress up specially to create that hippie look. Chunky silver rings do compliment your hippie look. Vintage glass ring, funky plastic ring, bohemian styled ring and beach pebble ring are some of the choices to bring that hippie styled look. You can select those wide broad silver rings with bohemian designs to accessorize so that you get that perfect hippie look.

Chunky silver rings of varied designs are easily found in local markets and shops. Pure silver rings can cost you little costly but you can always go for the fake silver rings. They have got that silver finish look and are quite affordable. Choosing appropriate accessories is quite essential to create any sort of desired look. Shop and search for suitable accessory to compliment and justify your final desired look.


How to care for your diamonds

Diamonds are surely the most priceless possession one can have. But as shiny as it looks there are different ways to keep them clean. Caring for your diamonds will make them last longer and stay shinier. Diamonds are always priceless and with age it gets better but there are some serious cleaning procedure that you need to follow. It’s better not to wear them when you’re doing some rough work in order to avoid it from getting chipped.

Never let your diamond come in touch with chlorine bleach because it damages the entire thing. It’s good to see your jeweler once a year in order to get tips on cleaning the thing in case it needs extra care. There are other professional cleaning methods that can only be specified by the jeweler and should be done under his supervision only. You can also check the internet for other methods of cleaning your diamond.

White gold or platinum: what to pick

White goldAre you already confused about what to gift your lady love on this anniversary? Well white gold and platinum rings are the best choice to opt for. Not only they are classy, with high fidelity aesthetic beauty but are also stylish and pretty modern in their look. But it’s hard to choose a single material between these two as both of them are astoundingly gorgeous.

Generally various kinds of white metals like silver. rhodium, palladiums are mixed with gold to make white gold on the other hand platinum made jewelries are entirely made of platinum. In terms of durability platinum is anytime more durable and stronger than gold and it can resist the starches pretty well than the white gold. On the other hand unlike white gold jewelries platinum jewelries are quite easy to maintain. But in terms of cost platinum is pricier than white gold in the present market.


Gold bracelet: modern designs for everyday wear

gold bracelet, gold jewelry Nothing can beat the elegance and the charm that is present in the gold bracelets of the modern times. They are light and uniquely designed to be wore in any occasion, be it an office party, or a hangout with friends, a meeting or a conference or a family get-together. Gold bracelets give you an air of sophistication and elevate your personality.

You will find various different brands in the market giving you beautiful gold bracelets to go with your status but you should also look at the price as gold prices are ever rising. You will get different designs of gold bracelets with combinations of silver and gold and also with diamond and gold.

You can also get gold bracelets in different shapes like in rectangle, oval, square, round and many more. For modern day women gold bracelets are a fashion statement as it goes with all apparels such as dresses, formal attires and also casual clothing