Tips to care for your pearls

Tips to maintain pearls, pearlsPearls are something which should be treasured for the class and beauty it holds. They are being used for over centuries now mainly because of their iridescence and luster. So if you have a pearl set in your jewelry box it is important that you take care of them. There are ways how you can do that.

Firstly and foremost since pearls are prone to scratches it is better you keep them in a separate box and not with other jewelry. Secondly if you have any work with chlorine water then you must put away the pearls first as they can react to the chlorine water. There are people who tend to clean their pearls with the soap they use for dishwashing. This can have negative reaction on the pearls and it is wise to not do such a foolish thing. Lastly pearls should be kept away from perfumes, insect repellants and other such things. They can react with the chemical in the spray and might get discolored.

Sapphire jewelry: For something timeless

Sapphire jewelry, classy jewelryWe all love jewelry, it makes us look beautiful and it sue is one of the oldest and most beautiful pieces of accessories that human kind have loved and adored for centuries. If you want to gift the best gift to someone you love and adore and make sure that your gift is loved and remembered however then the best option to go for is sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire has that exquisite beauty and aura that appeal to every jewelry lover. Even if you do not have a fondness for jewelry you will find sapphire to be irresistible and marvel at its beauty. Sapphire jewelry is versatile in nature. It goes with every occasion and with every dress. You will not find one occasion where your sapphire jewelry will look odd or out of place. Today there are varied styles of sapphire jewelry available and you can choose from the best according to your taste.

Vintage gold jewelry for the bride

Vintage gold jewelry, goldThese days we are all in for modern jewelry. With women working, there is no space or utility of old and heavy pieces of jewelry. However, today with everyone sporting lightweight and small pieces of modern jewelry, vintage gold jewelry is back in craze.

If you are attending a wedding and thinking of what to gift the bride or if you are direct relatives of the bride, and looking for the perfect gift then go for vintage gold jewelry. Vintage gold jewelry has that old world charm that speaks of old world values and culture.

There is something about vintage jewelry that makes them so close to the heart. They look expensive, classy and sophisticated at the same time. Vintage gold jewelry is something that the bride will love and also treasure. She is sure to wear them at all family get-togethers and with every traditional dress. So gift her one now!

Variants of skull jewelry

skull jewelry, fashion jewelryA new trend of jewelry in the recent times is the skull jewelry. Most men and women of the young generations prefer skull jewelry. The skull jewelries are available in a number of variants like rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles etc. Also the color texture and the polish of the jewelry vary according to the design of the jewelries. The sizes do also vary. Nowadays many men, mainly the young boys go for the large sized skull ring. Mostly the skull jewelries are made of silver.

In certain cases you can also get skull jewelries made of other metals like the platinum. The prices also vary according to the styles and the texture and the metal of which it is made. Many leading jewelry shops who deal in the modern jewelry styles keep skull jewelry. Many women prefer pendants just consisting of a single skull attached to a long chain. Slowly, the skull jewelry is becoming the latest trend of the modern jewelry fashion.

Healing powers of gemstones

gemstones, stonesFrom the ancient times gemstones have had a value other than the beauty which they have. The value is to heal people both physically and mentally. Now there are different gemstones and quite obviously their actions will be different from each other. Take for example amethyst. This gemstone is responsible for enhancing the creative and psychic abilities of a person. If you consider amazonite then you will see that the person who is wearing it will be communicating with their close relatives very well.

Amber on the other hand makes a person strong from within and is more energetic. They are mostly worn by people who are physically weak and the resistance power is low. Those who have a problem in breathing wear bloodstone. It also reduces any kind of emotional stress and encourages proper blood flow in the body. If you have broken any bone then you can go for blue lace agate because they are responsible for quick healing of fractures and broken bones.

Sapphire jewelry: A classy touch

Sapphire jewelry, classy jewelryThose who have a fascination for jewelry like sapphire because of its toughness and the magnificent color. They are found in various parts of the world such as India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, etc. Whether it is a pendant or a ring or an earring, wearing sapphire will add to the classy nature simply because of its style. Be it any occasion or even if you are at home you can wear sapphire any time.

The use of sapphire in the field of jewelry is very wide. From its use in manufacturing watches to its inclusion in cufflinks or bracelets sapphire has touched almost every section that needs to be touched in jewelry. The procedure by which sapphire is processed and then fitted in the jewelry is very interesting. Firstly it is heated to over 500 degrees Celsius of temperature so that the color is enhanced and after that they are kept in a container which is nitrogen free for more than a week before being heated again.