Silver Bracelet: a modern style

Silver bracelets, braceletsWant you give your loved one something that she will cherish forever? Gift her silver bracelet. Silver jewelry has been a perpetual favorite with women and silver bracelets seem to be the rage of the season. You can never go wrong with a silver bracelet. The best thing about silver bracelets is they complement almost all kinds of clothes and your girl can sport it on all occasions. Moreover, silver bracelets well with skin tones of all kinds and you can buy it without any second thoughts.

Silver bracelets are available in varied designs, styles and finishes. One of the most popular styles of silver bracelet is the link bracelet. These bracelets have woven parts and look stunning. If you want to go in for something classic then the silver chain bracelet should be your pick. Silver bracelets are lesser expensive compared to bracelets made of other precious metals and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Cleaning your precious gems and jewelry

Jewelry cleaning tips, jewelry careYour precious gems and jewelry pieces demand proper care and maintenance to retain the shine and luster. If you are not aware of the right methods to clean up the ornaments here are some points for your help.

First, before you start off with the cleaning process, check out beforehand that it’s not broken or have the beads or stones coming out. In case, it’s broken, you have to take it to your jeweler for an effective repair. If the jewelry is in a safe state start cleaning with a soft cotton cloth. You have to use a fresh piece of cloth for each of your gems and jewelry.

Never use bleach for cleaning jewelry as it’s highly oxidant & would make the ornament fragile making it susceptible to breakage. Besides, keep your ornaments away from alcohol, chlorine, ammonia, turpentine and acetone. While cleaning the silver and gold pieces don’t forget to sink them in warm soapy solution for a while followed by a light scrubbing with soft toothbrush.

Go Glam with Ruby Neck Pieces

Classy jewelry, fashion jewelryIf you’re looking forward to create a luxurious look with glamorous ornaments, you can go for ruby neck pieces. They have been around for ages and they still haven’t run of fashion. You can go for a single stoned locket for casual evening parties or you could go for chunky contemporary and traditional ruby neckpieces for formal events and marriage occasions. They are very glamorous and unique and the color of rubies will always stand out and make heads turn towards you in any kind of a get together.

You can check out ruby-stoned costume jewelry at online stores as well. The best thing about costume jewelry is that they can be worn with both formal and semi-formal or even casual clothes and still you can pull it off with ease. Ruby neckpieces can be chosen depending upon the kind of occasion you’re going for. Dresses and formal short gown I colors of red, black and white will look best with ruby neck pieces.

Sapphire ear loops

Sapphire ear loops, SapphireSapphire is a beautiful blue gem that looks great on any piece of jewelry. One of the best ways of earring this gem is with the ear lops. They give you a very classy and elegant look but they can also be very modern. Therefore, if you are looking for a nice piece of jewelry to wear in formal occasions, this is the gem you are looking for.

Again, they can also be quite marvelous when it comes to wearing them in nice party occasions. They could look quite complimenting with a nice long gown teamed with a sapphire necklace. There are a lot of nice designs available on these earrings. The sapphire ear loops are very popular among the buyers. You can get a host of different styles and designs over the net from which you could choose from. You can also get a good deal on the discount if you are looking at the right place.