An account on natural jewelry

 natural jewelry, jewelryJewelry is the all time favorite thing for the women around the world. There are many types of jewelry available in the market to fit your style statement. With the change of taste and style pattern, the natural jewelry has come in to being. There are various types of natural jewelry available in the market.

Natural jewelry means the jewelry are made of the natural items rather than the synthesized and chemically treated items. Likewise gold has to be treated synthetically to make it fit to be used for jewelry making purpose.

One of the most popular natural jewelry is the pearl jewelry and it is much in demand among the jewelry loving people. The pearls are available in various colors and patterns and you choose according to your personal choice and taste. The pink pearl is the most costly of the pearls available. The natural blue diamond is a very rare diamond as well as expensive. You can have natural blue diamond jewelry if you have no constraint on budget. It will be the most precious possession of yours.

Platinum and pearl: a match made in heaven

Jewelry is something that always interests women and there is nothing comparable to the pair of platinum and pearl. Be it your wedding or any other occasion this pair will definitely look good on you and he best part is you can wear any kind of dress you want with it. There are several jewelry which requires you to wear a particular dress but this pair does not have any such specifications.

Platinum and pearls are normally a girl’s dream and therefore you would see it mostly worn on the day of her wedding. This pair has been popular from the last century and as a result it has been named as a match that has been made in heaven. It gives the girl a simple look yet keeps the aristocracy on a high level. One thing is for sure and that is if you wear this pair on any occasion you would definitely look flawless.


Silver and peridot a perfect match

Silver , fashion jewelrySilver is one of the most economic precious gems that you can use as ornament and they can look even better when they are teamed with peridot. Peridot are cut in particular way that gives them a round shape which is known as the “emerald cut”. The cuts are made usually in one region or the area where the stone had been mined.

They are mined usually in the Southern part of Asia. There are absolutely no windows in this stone and you will be able to notice the ones that have been cut well because of the presence of the facets. There are some internal imperfection in the stone that are marked by cracks and other things that make it more interesting. They are very nicely mixed with silver to make some of the most interesting ornaments and that is why the combination has become very popular among ornament enthusiasts.

Jewelry care made easy

Your valuable jewelry and gems require a lot of care and proper maintenance so that the luster and the shine remain intact. There are a few things that you would have to do in order to clean up the precious ornaments in the best possible way. First of all, you have to make sure that the ornament is not broken or if it has any stone or bead coming out.

If you find anything like that, you have to get it repaired. If the ornament is in a good condition, you should start the cleaning process with a soft cloth of cotton. Make sure you use a fresh cloth for every gem. You should never go for bleach as it is very high oxidizing agent and it can make your ornaments fragile. It is also important that you keep the ornament away from chlorine, alcohol, ammonia, acetone or turpentine.

Peridot bracelet to adorn your wrist

Peridot bracelet, braceletIf you are looking for a striking bracelet for your loving wife, settle with peridot wristlets. Peridot is a beautiful olive green gemstone characterized by a warm velvety luster which makes a grab worth for a fine bracelet. The stone is famous for being Cleopatra’s favorite and is also recognized as the birth stone of August.

The peridot bracelets are available in varied styles. You can have it on a golden or silver base or else some prefer a peridot-pearl combo. There are sleek uni stranded bracelets with peridot beads all over. You will also find multi stranded peridot bracelets where there are peridot beads arranged in different rows joined by a silver or golden clasp.
Besides, some of the peridot wristlets are found with small peridot chips arranged together on a metal base. It creates a trendy feel and is greatly preferred by the young beauties. Peridot bracelets are beautiful and cost effective.