Wearing chandelier earrings with evening gown

 chandelier earrings, earingsThere are various forms of earrings and the complexity of the designs of the earrings reflect the sophistication and fashion style statement of the one who wears it. of all the designs of the earrings, the chandelier cut is the most popular and famous earring design in the world. They are a complicated variant of the drop earring. The chandelier earring can be made of a single stone, two stones or can be a web of a variety of stones. The chandelier earrings in many cases continue up to the neck.

By the word chandelier we get the instant impression of the bulky and beautiful heavy cascading lights hanging in the party halls and ball rooms. But when it comes to the chandelier earrings, take the bulk out of the equation. The beauty of the chandelier earrings lies in the way it accentuates the length of the neck. The subtle swaying of the jewelry creates a melodic effect and add a sense of elegance to your appearance.