How to care & maintain the gorgeous gold?

gorgeous gold jewelryGold jewelries have always been a prominent pick since ages. The bright yellow metal is famous for its rich glory and is usually associated with elegance, aristocracy & grandeur. Every woman out there holds a special cornet for gold, irrespective of culture and age. However, you should how the care for your gold sets properly to ensure that they stay at their classy best forever. The post here presents a short brief elaborating on how to care & maintain the gorgeous gold.

Avoid regular use

It’s advised not to sport gold everyday, especially when it comes to the intricate pieces. Take out your gold studs and rings at night. Actually, there are some reasons why it’s suggested not to wear the gold pieces all the time. First of all, there are some care products like perfume, makeup, lotion and certain hair-care products which can be damaging for the yellow luster. Then, having the ornaments against skin constantly, would, over time, lessen the golden sheen.

Steer clear of chlorine

Chlorine is dangerous for gold. Hence you should not be wearing any sort of gold jewelry while cleaning your washroom with a chlorine based solution. Moreover, the swimming pools contain chlorinated water- thus, you should be careful to take out your gold jewelry before stepping into the pool. Wash and dry yourself well before putting the gold pieces on.

Proper storage

Gold jewelries demand proper storage as these can get dented or scratched very easily. Hence you should have separate box to store your golden pieces. Make sure never o store them alongside diamonds. Any contact with the hard stones can result in unwanted scratches on your favorite ornament.

Be gentle with cleaning

You have to clean up your gold jewelry often. Remember to use a mild gold cleaning solution and soft-bristled brush while scrubbing dirt from the gold pieces.