Trend on teething jewelry

teething jewelryTeething is a phase which starts when a baby starts cutting his or her own teeth. This phase at times can last up to a year and can be very painful for the baby. The problem of teething also makes the mothers of the babies about what to do and what not to do give relief to the babies from the teething pain. While some mothers unable to bear the screaming of their babies use to rub alcohol in their gums to lower pain, some of them don’t know what is to be done. Now if your baby is undergoing teething phase, you need not worry and panic since this articles will take through an innovative way of give relief to your baby from the teething pain.

The teething jewelries are made of certain harmless chewable materials and your baby can easily chew them and get relief from the pain. Now you must be wondering why your baby should chew the jewelry? Well these jewelries are the latest addition to the fashion world. Mothers wearing teething jewelries like necklaces or ear rings when hold on to their child, the child easily can chew the jewelry and relief from the pain.

If you are thinking that the teething jewelry will not so good to look, then you are completely wrong. Now days teething jewelries are available in a lot of fashionable and trendy styles and designs and if not looked closely it is very hard to say that they are made from some chewable. So when going to a function with your baby, you can wear these jewelries as they serve dual purpose. While on one hand the teething jewelries make your look beautiful and attractive, it also enables your baby to chew the jewelry and get relief from the tremendous teething pain.

Tips to care for your platinum pieces

platinum piecesPlatinum is surely one of the most loved metals for beautiful ornaments. It’s regarded as the finest of all metals with 90-95 percent purity. Platinum pieces are distinguished with their hallmark high luster conveying elegance at its best. Do you too own platinum pieces? Well, that’s great but you must know how to ensure proper care for the metal. Over time, platinum tends to lose out on its usual sheen and hence here are the tips you must follow to assure that your platinum ornaments are in proper shape & shine.

Avoid scratches

Albeit platinum is said to be the strongest metal, it doesn’t mean that it’s not affected by dents or scratches. Thus you should not be wearing the platinum jewelries while you are engaged in domestic chores, heavy works or gardening. This way, one will be able to protect the beautiful pieces from any possible dent or scratch.

Proper storage

Proper storage is very essential when it cones to platinum preservation. Do not even store your platinum pieces along with other metals, say gold. You must have an individual jewelry case for platinum which will help in avoiding scratches.

Weekly cleaning

Your platinum jewelry also needs a thorough cleaning every week. Get a good jewelry cleaner for platinum cleaning. Pour adequate cleaner on a bowl and place your ornaments into the solution. Let them rest for 15 to 20 minutes & then rinse them off with warm water. In case you have got dirt deposition on your jewelry, use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt layer from the platinum pieces. It’s advised to opt for professional cleaning annually.

Professional polishing

Your platinum pieces must be polished annually to restore its usual luster and sheen. Contact a good professional seasoned in platinum polishing who will do the job for you.

Comparing white gold and silver rings

white gold, silver jewelryDo you want the pop the question to your long term girlfriend but are confused about the ring that you should get her? Well, if your girl is a big fan of white metal then the two options you have is the white gold ring and the silver ring. Though both white gold and silver have the similar whitish gray hue they have their distinct characteristics and before you take your pick you need to be aware of these features. Knowing the characteristics of white gold and silver will ensure that you choose a ring that perfect suits your needs.

The only characteristic that white gold and silver really shares is the color. Though the gray hue of silver is darker than that of white gold, the difference in color is really minimal. White gold is the second most popular color of gold after yellow gold. Mixed metal alloys like palladium and silver gives white gold its unique color. As far as the quality is concerned, you need to know that silver is not as strong as gold. White gold is hard metal and silver is soft metal. White gold contains amount of gold that can be measured in carats. Gold of the same carat has the same quality irrespective of the color.

As for the use, white gold is far more widely used for rings compared to silver. According to renowned jewelers, white gold rings are more suited for daily wear and for long term use. A lot of jewelers do not really recommend silver for engagement and wedding rings since they are not likely to stand the test of time. Silver rings are more suited to be worn as accent pieces during special occasions. Since white gold is a superior metal compared to silver, its cost is also a lot more than that of silver.