Taking care of your pearl jewelry

pearl jewelryMost of the women in this world are fond of jewelries and they in no way want to lose them. You already know that pearls are made up of organic materials and thus they get very easily damaged by any harsh substances. Pearl jewelries look so elegant that these are often passed on by the mothers to their descendants as a vintage gift for any special occasion. But this can only be possible if special care is taken for the pearls, the same way in which you do for your diamond or gold jewelry.

Very mild face soap should be diluted in a high volume of tepid water. The pearls should be soaked in the liquid for an hour to get the best result. Dishwashing soaps and powders are strictly forbidden to use when you want to clean your pearl jewelry. The jewelry should be taken out of water after one hour and then it should be lightly brushed with a damp-cotton bud. The string, knots and drill holes should be specially taken care of.

After this process is carried on, the jewelry should be laid on a damp cotton cloth and allowed to dry well at room temperature. The pearls should retain its elegance if it is kept away from rough surfaces and so always re-check the cloth that you are keeping it in. It should be extremely soft as well as damp. As because pearls have got the similar characteristics like our skin and it soak up anything that surrounds it, a good moisturizer is the best option to keep your pearls healthy. Though face moisturizer cannot be used but if you apply some amount of organic olive oil on the jewelry with a cotton-bud, a long lasting luster should be retained by your jewelry and will show off a brand new look. Detergents should be kept miles away from pearls and it should not be worn if the string is wet. Pearls can never be hanged after cleaning and the most important thing is that do not wear your pearl jewelry while doing make up or putting deodorants.

Innovative bracelets to wear

Innovative braceletsThere is hardly any woman who doesn’t want to look beautiful and elegant. It is said that the best creation of nature is woman. Simultaneously there are enough a more things that enhances women’s beauty. Jewelries are one of the things that have a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Just like the nature women are colorful on which jewelries add an extra tinge. A long list of ornaments is there that the women usually use such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. Among all these various types of jewelries, the one that is worn by women since ages is the bracelet. It is worn around the wrist to increase the beauty and glamour of a woman. Several surveys say the bracelets that are made of colored stones are highly in demand among the ladies of today.

Ornamentation is the main purpose behind wearing a bracelet, though sometimes women wear colored stones because they believe that the colors are lucky for them. Stones like diamond are an all time favorite by women of all ages because diamonds emit an extra-ordinary spark to the person wearing it and also acts as a sign of sophistication. Diamonds add to an extra delight to the colored stones which if worn can become a topic of discussion among friends and relatives.

If you are a very cheerful and colorful person, these bracelets are ideal for you. Bangles are the vintage gifts that are usually received from the ancestors. Colored stone bracelets are the perfect alternative of a bangle if you want to carry on with the present generation. These will surely add up to your personality and make you look more colorful. Elegance and style are the two keywords followed by modern women and undoubtedly these bracelets will help you attain both of these. If you look into the internet, you will get to know about various designs of bracelets available in the market. You can even order your favorite piece of jewelry online or a good jewelry shop may help you out.

Silver Jewelry: How To Take Proper Care Of It?

Silver JewelrySilver jewelry has been giving tough competition to gold jewelry. The demand for silver jewelry among the people has been increasing at a tremendous pace. Silver jewelry looks elegant, classy and has an aristocratic appeal to it. But silver jewelry is very precious and costly. Thus if you own a piece of silver jewelry like a bracelet, earring, ring, anklet and so on then you must take proper care of it so that it retains its pristine condition always. This article will highlight some of the ways in which you can maintain silver jewelry appropriately.

It is always advised that you store the silver jewelry in some place away from dirt, dust, moisture and other kinds of pollutants. After you have worn a particular piece of silver jewelry, you must wipe it with a clean dry cloth and then store it in your jewelry box. Even if you are not wearing the silver jewelry regularly, you should make it a point to clean it on a daily basis. Dust, dead skin, atmospheric pollutant etc should not be allowed to deposit on the surface of the silver jewelry as these make the jewelry piece look rusty and dull.

Whenever you have to clean silver jewelry, you must utilize a mild cleaner because any harsh detergent will cause a lot of damage to the delicate silver metal from which the jewelry piece has been made. In order to get rid of the stains that have been formed on the jewelry, you can utilize a concoction of vinegar and baking powder. You must always wipe the silver jewelry thoroughly after it has been washed using water. Silver jewelry should never be soaked in water for long periods of time.

If none of the above mentioned ways work then you must approach a jeweler experienced in the field of jewelry cleaning.

How To Buy The Perfect Diamond Earrings?

Perfect Diamond EarringsPlanning to give a gift to your mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend then you must buy diamonds because diamonds are considered to be a woman’s best friend. Diamonds are absolutely gorgeous and classy because of which women love diamonds. Since this stone is unique and beautiful, it will be really special for the person who receives a jewelry piece made out of diamonds as a gift. One diamond jewelry piece that you can surely gift to your loved one is a pair of stud earrings which have diamonds embedded in them. These earrings look elegant and simple. Plus they are compatible with any kind of clothing.

When you are buying the stud earrings then it is very important that you keep in mind certain things so that you purchase the perfect diamond earrings. You must find out how the diamond has been cut because the cut will eventually determine the cost and brilliance of the diamond earrings that you are going to buy. A diamond that has been well cut will surely look pretty because it will reflect light to the upper surface of diamond making it shine.

Remember to check the weight of the diamond earrings as well. You would not want to gift or buy earrings that will be very heavy and put undue pressure on the ears. The color of the diamonds should also be good and the overall appearance of the earrings must be amazing and attractive. Ensure that the diamonds are crystal clear and have top-notch quality.

You can actually select the design or suggest a particular design to the jewelry shop so that the earrings are made to match the personality of the person who is receiving the gift. Your budget also has to be kept in mind while buying stud earrings made out of diamonds because these are usually costly.