Nose Studs – Gift for young girls

Nose StudsNose piercing has become a common trend in generations today. Most teenage and noon teenage girls are option for a nose piercing as it looks graceful and elegant. There are three places on the nose which the nose can be pierced- the nostril, the nasal septum and the bridge. If you need to get your nose pierced make sure that a needle is passed through the nostril and later a piece of jewellery is worn to keep the pierced portion intact. Gunshots are not advisable as the trauma on the skin might be severe and can cause diseases like HIV AIDS. The jewellery work just after the piercing is done should not be sterling silver as this may cause infections. It can instead be titanium, surgical steel, niobium or the best-14 to 18 carat gold. People prefer to get their left nostrils pierced because of the common ayurvedic belief about helping during the birth of the child and reduced mentruational pain.

Since nose piercings are so famous among the young generations it is but obvious that they would enjoy being gifted nose studs. There is a wide variety of nose studs which are available in the real and virtual markets. Even for those people who do not want to get a piercing done but want to enjoy the feel of it nose studs are available for which getting pierced is not the criteria. There are innumerable designs available. From just plane rings of different metals to tops studded with a rare or unique gemstone to three gemstones made into a flower the designs just keep getting better with a surety that there is something available to match everyone’s taste. Just a little time and effort is required to select the right piece from the right place. Nose stud would serve as great gifts for young girls.

Jewellery for Christmas

Jewellery for ChristmasChristmas- a time of festivity, creativity, entertainment, food and culture knitted into one big tapestry of family time and moreover of love. Festivals are the best time to buy jewellery as it is considered to be auspicious and all women love to splurge on jewellery. It is the one thing that every woman loves and is fascinated by no matter where they stay. Finances play a pretty important role here but spending on jewellery is something which most women do and men too for the women in their lives.

Personalising jewellery is the new and upcoming method which makes the girl feel special. If you are planning on giving jewellery as gift to your girl or buying jewellery for yourself, getting it made according to your likes and preferences is the new way of purchase. On Christmas since the dress shopping has already been done, jewellery matching with the clothing is a very important aspect of the attire for every woman. Having it made in gold or silver? Emeralds or rubies? Name pendants or plates? Selecting the best option from the following choices to make something which is a visual treat to look at makes your jewellery the perfect combination of personalised. If you are planning to gift someone, the extra effort made for the personalisation always makes that piece extra close to their heart and reminds them of you every time they wear it.

Gifting jewellery on Christmas can be a little tough as the age of the woman should really be considered and then a careful decision on what exactly to give her should be made. A sterling silver bracelet which would increase the charm of everyone in the age of 20-40 or a single gem studded bracelet which would make even women from 40-70 look stunning.

Safe Keeping of Silver Ornaments

Silver OrnamentsIf proper care is taken of the silver jewelry then it can be protected from being tarnished very easily. Thus protection of the silver ornaments from staining or discoloring is very necessary. There can be various reasons due to which silver ornaments can be tarnished. It is very essential to know the reasons and the methods in which to clean the metals.

Metals can be tarnished if they come in contact with any food items or edibles that contain sulfur. They can easily tarnish silver utensils. They are even destroyed if come in contact with rubber, and salt. Thus if you want that your silver ornaments are not damaged then you will have to make sure that they do not come in contact with the above mentioned items for a prolonged period of time. The next important thing that you can do is to wrap up the ornament in any piece of cloth that is of a woolen fabric before you keep them back in the jewelry box. Wool has an anti-tarnishing quality that will make sure that your valuable is free from any stain.

Some of the basic and the easiest ways of removing the stains from the pieces described below. Metal pieces can be very effectively cleaned with the help of baking soda, as it is considered as the best and the safest agent. It has the ability of removing spots easily. These are the steps that you can follow:
a) Fill up a pan with water and half teaspoon of salt in it. Heat it till it comes to a boil.
b) Add baking soda to it.
c) Soak the metal pieces into it for at least 15 minutes.
d) After soaking the metal, wash the carefully with plain water.
e) Make sure that a single drop of water is not there on the ornament when you keep it away finally in the box.