Fashion Jewelry Trends 2014

fashion trend 2014Are you planning to flaunt a really classy yet stylish look this summer? Well you better get a decent idea about the coolest fashion jewelry that is in vogue for this year. Dull, pale and repetitive looks cannot be the only alternatives for summer and you must remember that looking fashionable does not depend upon any season. So, check out the following tips and give a neat and dapper look to yourself with a trendy set of fashion jewelry to compliment your attire.

Light Weight Gold Ornaments: Be it mundane office life, casual hangouts after work with friends or a wedding to attend, light weight gold jewelry are in everywhere. There was a time when artificial ornaments or gold lookalikes used to dominate the regular jewelry market. But remember that your looks are the reflector of your personality and hence those old-school fake ornaments are a strict no-no these days. Several noted jewelry houses or online merchandises are having different segment of light-weight gold jewelry these days just to meet the mammoth customer demand.

Platinum touch: Don’t whine in the name of platinum which has almost become a metal within the reach of affordable yet classy jewelry. Gone are those days when you had to cough out almost a couple of month’s salary to buy a diamond stud platinum right for your sweetheart. In the age of fast economy, this metal has become more accessible to commoners. Especially, if you plan to buy simple neck chains, bracelets or earrings made of platinum for any occasion like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or her birthday. You get some lucrative discounts too.

For the brides: Here comes the most important event of your life where jewelry is a prime requisite. Go for gold, precious stones or the evergreen diamond, wedding jewelry is something that should not only be bought carefully but should also be selected meticulously. Bib necklace has been dominating the wedding jewelry market since the beginning of 2014. Multicolored gorgeous bib necklaces that carry a lot of beauty but less weight are available in all the renowned jewelry shops in different designs and prices.

Alternative looks: Swarovski crystals could be another option if you want to try out an experimental look for your wedding. Crystal are more popular in Christian weddings, though its intruding into the other mainstream wedding markets too. A simple neck hugging crystal necklace with a pair of chandelier earrings will make you look the perfect bride. Or, you can wear a decent ear studs with a dazzling bangle on the right hand to make your look crispy yet stylish.

Men’s jewelry: Bangles, ear studs and bracelets are fast becoming the most essential jewelry items of men who don’t hesitate to experiment with their looks. Therefore the market for men’s diamonds are also sky rocketing. Thick gold chain, snake chain, thumb rings are still having regular buyers. On the other hand, your formal office look you can bank on gold tiepin and buttons.

Lastly, whatever jewelry you choose you must remember that wearing the right kind of attire is also important. Do not wear an attire that does not compliment the set of jewelry that you have decided to wear.