2014 Autumn Jewellery Trends

Autumn JewelleryAutumn or the fall winter jewellery trends are inspirational and innovative. The resources offer a wide range of styles to be adorned with. Jewellery in the form of neck pieces, ear pieces and rings are filled throughout autumn. Well the look this autumn season is classic clean with a statement piece. It follows the trend of catchy as well as bold pieces. With designer pieces galore in the runway fashion to traditional pieces with a twist is bright and light. The autumn jewellery trends are as follows:

Neck pieces making heads turn – choker pieces and dangling necklace with light weight material is streaming the fashion forward. Be it the version of Versace with bold pieces or Vivienne Westwood’s chunky pieces to pendants from Chanel and fluffy choker design from Fendi is taking it to a different course altogether. Floral neck pieces are also in rage this autumn season. Simple gold chains are blooming this season. Neck pieces have sidelined all the other accessories as it has proven to be knight in the shining armour.

Earcuffs marking their territory – earcuffs like poky spikes are embellished and fill the entire ear like a bird. It is the latest fashion accessory which is going to stay for a while as it is girlish and can be worn along with a western dress and yet looks cool. Studs on the ears also look beautiful this season. Long earrings are completely out as with choker neck piece and elongated necklaces the earrings do not go hand in hand.

Finger rings and anklets define your personality – rings in all the fingers leaving the thumb are what defines the fingers and accentuates it with embellishments. Just a ring around the finger in gold plaited metal like the Lord of the Rings is going to mark its way. Ankle cuffs are the new trend in the zone of jewellery which is like a metallic gold broad ring on the feet as frail as a pigeon’s feet is coolest.

Nose ring inspired by Cannes film festival and wristlets – nose ring in diamond and gold inspired by Sonam Kapoor in the Cannes film festival has flooded the season which is the latest piece and is drawing out the fervour of earring. Wristlets have become bigger and bolder with not only metallic touch but also leather touch to it.

Luxurious pieces is going to be the highlight as the funky pieces have been driven out by it and taken a new form as in feather weight cloth fabric jewellery and brought back the fervour of Tiffany’s light weight jewellery. Tribal inspiration is in with bold colours and vivacious prints. The pieces are sculptural and define your lines. Bling and rose gold colour is in and silver is out. It is the jewellery which is defining the look this season. Brooches are also going to be making its entry along with waist chains dangling from the corners to bring back the old school look. It is gold rush without any other colours indulging in it.