Types of Bracelets for Women

If we are getting ready than there are many things which we need to take in to consideration like rings, hair pins, ear rings, necklace, etc. and many more of the things than how can we forget to mention about the bracelets right? Bracelets are considered to be something unique which you must go for when you are planning for getting ready. Well, if you will ask me than in accordance to my views, bracelets for women are considered to be grabbing attention of eyes of the watchers. It looks very beautiful when you are going for wearing bracelets for women which are available in the market. In simple words we can say that it will show you up as the sparkling presence on the place where you are visiting. There are many different bracelets for women which you can go for when you are planning for buying such fort you.

I know each and every woman wants that they can becomes the center of attraction for all the people out there and for that they need to get dress up and afford for many accessories too. Well, bracelets for women are considered to be you jam which you can go for trying as your fashion statement. There are many types of bracelets for women available in the market like charm bracelets, bangle bracelets, pearl bracelets, imitation bracelets, etc. and many more of the option which the women can have at the time of going for bracelets for women.

Types of bracelets for women

  • Charm bracelets

Charm braceletsWell, if you are going for bracelets for women then let me help you in telling that there are many types of bracelets for women which are available in the market. Amongst them one is charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are considered to be made up of chains with little things attached to it which increase its glaze when you are wearing it. It is having the wrist sized chain and adding some dangling charms to it is considered to be its beat features which increase its trend to wear up for the women out there.

  • Bangle bracelets

Bangle braceletsAnother type of bracelets for women which you can go for is the bangle bracelets. It is considered to be having the solid form which do not contains any chains. Well it is a group of bangles which is made up together and added to your hand. It slips over the writes but do not go out of your hand which you have wore of. It is made up of gold, silver, or imitation jewellery which will help you at the time of going for it. It is considered to be amongst the most common type of bracelets for women whom you will observe in the market.

  • Pearl bracelets

Pearl braceletsWho do not like to go for pearls right? Each and every woman has the fantasy of not only diamonds but pearls too. It has maintained its stance since ancient time and still prevails with the same impact. Not only that but you can go for antique patterns of pearl bracelets which increase its how when you are wearing it.


Innovative bracelets to wear

Innovative braceletsThere is hardly any woman who doesn’t want to look beautiful and elegant. It is said that the best creation of nature is woman. Simultaneously there are enough a more things that enhances women’s beauty. Jewelries are one of the things that have a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Just like the nature women are colorful on which jewelries add an extra tinge. A long list of ornaments is there that the women usually use such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. Among all these various types of jewelries, the one that is worn by women since ages is the bracelet. It is worn around the wrist to increase the beauty and glamour of a woman. Several surveys say the bracelets that are made of colored stones are highly in demand among the ladies of today.

Ornamentation is the main purpose behind wearing a bracelet, though sometimes women wear colored stones because they believe that the colors are lucky for them. Stones like diamond are an all time favorite by women of all ages because diamonds emit an extra-ordinary spark to the person wearing it and also acts as a sign of sophistication. Diamonds add to an extra delight to the colored stones which if worn can become a topic of discussion among friends and relatives.

If you are a very cheerful and colorful person, these bracelets are ideal for you. Bangles are the vintage gifts that are usually received from the ancestors. Colored stone bracelets are the perfect alternative of a bangle if you want to carry on with the present generation. These will surely add up to your personality and make you look more colorful. Elegance and style are the two keywords followed by modern women and undoubtedly these bracelets will help you attain both of these. If you look into the internet, you will get to know about various designs of bracelets available in the market. You can even order your favorite piece of jewelry online or a good jewelry shop may help you out.

Peridot bracelet to adorn your wrist

Peridot bracelet, braceletIf you are looking for a striking bracelet for your loving wife, settle with peridot wristlets. Peridot is a beautiful olive green gemstone characterized by a warm velvety luster which makes a grab worth for a fine bracelet. The stone is famous for being Cleopatra’s favorite and is also recognized as the birth stone of August.

The peridot bracelets are available in varied styles. You can have it on a golden or silver base or else some prefer a peridot-pearl combo. There are sleek uni stranded bracelets with peridot beads all over. You will also find multi stranded peridot bracelets where there are peridot beads arranged in different rows joined by a silver or golden clasp.
Besides, some of the peridot wristlets are found with small peridot chips arranged together on a metal base. It creates a trendy feel and is greatly preferred by the young beauties. Peridot bracelets are beautiful and cost effective.

Silver Bracelet: a modern style

Silver bracelets, braceletsWant you give your loved one something that she will cherish forever? Gift her silver bracelet. Silver jewelry has been a perpetual favorite with women and silver bracelets seem to be the rage of the season. You can never go wrong with a silver bracelet. The best thing about silver bracelets is they complement almost all kinds of clothes and your girl can sport it on all occasions. Moreover, silver bracelets well with skin tones of all kinds and you can buy it without any second thoughts.

Silver bracelets are available in varied designs, styles and finishes. One of the most popular styles of silver bracelet is the link bracelet. These bracelets have woven parts and look stunning. If you want to go in for something classic then the silver chain bracelet should be your pick. Silver bracelets are lesser expensive compared to bracelets made of other precious metals and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Glam up with a beautiful sapphire ring

Sapphire ring, clasy ringsThere is something very appealing about sapphire. The beauty of the color and the glamorous shine of sapphire can make any outfit stunning and classy. Sapphires are also very tough coming just next to diamond when it comes to durability. Sapphire rings are amazing and then can be for formal or semi-formal events. They can be a chunky cocktail ring or a small petite but exquisite ring, but needless to say, the size of the sapphire hardly is able to determine the attraction it creates.

You can even decide upon the color density of your gem. We all know what sapphire looks like but if you want a darker or lighter shade or hue of the purplish tinge in sapphire, then you can tell your jeweler to adjust that as well. An industrially enhanced sapphire gem will be sent to the jeweler as per your demand. Mostly women choose a 15% purple hue when it comes to sapphire jewelry.

Gold bracelet: modern designs for everyday wear

gold bracelet, gold jewelry Nothing can beat the elegance and the charm that is present in the gold bracelets of the modern times. They are light and uniquely designed to be wore in any occasion, be it an office party, or a hangout with friends, a meeting or a conference or a family get-together. Gold bracelets give you an air of sophistication and elevate your personality.

You will find various different brands in the market giving you beautiful gold bracelets to go with your status but you should also look at the price as gold prices are ever rising. You will get different designs of gold bracelets with combinations of silver and gold and also with diamond and gold.

You can also get gold bracelets in different shapes like in rectangle, oval, square, round and many more. For modern day women gold bracelets are a fashion statement as it goes with all apparels such as dresses, formal attires and also casual clothing

A gold and silver charmed bracelet, perfect gift for a little girl’s birthday

Are you wondering what you gift your little niece on her fourth birthday? If you are, here is some advice. Gift her gold and silver charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are beautiful pieces of jewelry with special charms are attached to the bracelets with small jump rings. The charms can be god or silver trinkets or precious gems. The gold and silver charm bracelets are usually solid but you can get charm bracelets that are flexible as well.

There are a wide variety of charm bracelets that you can choose from for your niece. One of the most popular kinds is Italian charm bracelet where the charm does not dangle from the bracelet but instead snaps onto it. It can be stretched and does not have a clasp. There is also the starter charm bracelet that comes with eighteen silver links. In case of the European charm bracelets the individual charms are attached to the silver bracelet.

Add an aesthetic touch to your with silver toe rings

Are you searching for a sleek yet unique jewelry for your lovely immaculate feet? Well, then you can hardly refrain yourself from buying a pair of glittering silver toe rings to add some elegance to your beautiful feet. Adjustable delicate toe rings made of white silver, are the most common type of rings that comes in 2mm size.

A huge variety of patterns like cross based, knot based, textured, graduated, and enameled silver toe rings could be found for women in a decent jewelry shop. These come in different sizes like 3-7 inches in their diameters and silver toe rings are cheaper and easy obtainable than gold or platinum toe rings.

Fabulous stone based silver toe rings are pretty rare and costly where expensive rocks like ruby, diamond are engraved into the silver base of the rings. The Irish trinity knot, rusty texture, tribal designs, rhodium plated silver toe rings are also incredibly famous among women across the universe. In most of the cases they are available with easy adjustable clips for easy wearing.

Bracelet – The most attractive item in jewelry

Bracelet which forms one of the most attractive items in jewelry for the women has a lot of advantages to its side if used the right one. For example, Magnet bracelets. They were used in ancient Greek times as healing components. It was known to prevent any sort of injury and fasten up the recovery process.

In fact these are now available as women magnetic bracelets that can be used to cure neck pain, headaches, back pain, circulation problem. Other medical issues that it deals with are that it improves the blood circulation and increase supply of blood to the hands. As blood circulation in hand increases, the rest of the body is at an advantage too, reduces pain in other body parts.

The healing powers of the magnetic bracelet give a relieving and soothing effect that no doctor can give. So other than being just an attractive piece of jewelry it has healing powers too.

Bracelets For Men

The fascination for jewelry is no longer exclusive to women. Men too are increasingly becoming fond of sporting and flaunting jewel pieces. The most popular jewelry item among men is bracelets. You will find innumerable bracelet options designed exclusively for men in all jewelry stores. The bracelets designed for men tend to differ from those meant for women. They tend to be masculine and sturdy in look, crafted in unusual metals or bases.

While women tend to like their jewelry based in yellow gold, men prefer high tech metals such as titanium and stainless steel. Men also find favor with silver based bracelets. Leather seems to be a hot favorite among men as it gives a manly and cool look. Leather bracelets often come encrusted with stones or shells. You can also go for beaded bracelets in earthy or dark colors. To set yourself apart from others, personalize your bracelet by inscribing a note or message on it.

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