Tips to take care of your diamond rings

Tips to maintain diamond jewelry, diamond jewelryDiamonds, apart from being girl’s best friend they are also one such stuff which lasts for a lifetime. This is the solitary reason that they are used universally as wedding rings so to believe that the wedding will also last forever. Miles from any doubts this stone is the most precious and the most expensive gemstone that is present under the sun. It is not any science invention that a simple laboratory can craft it. It is made in only few parts of the world.

This elevates its cost and importance. Doubtlessly it is a big investment. It can’t be easily cut or broken but they are not completely vulnerable from scratches. Care should be taken to preserve it in its original condition. Buying a jewellery box with a velvet box can be a good idea. Proper settings should be practiced. Diamonds should be removed while doing a number of tasks.

Tips to take care of your gold and diamonds

It’s true that jewelries are a girl’s best friends and they need the utmost care if based on gold and diamonds. If you are not aware of the exact procedure to look after them effectively, here are some tips to help you.

First of all, always remember to keep your ornament aside if you are doing something in exposure to chemicals such as lab testing or swimming. Then, do make sure to clean the jewelry pieces once in a while with a solution of warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush.

Then, keep a check on the gold and diamond jewelries from time to time to detect for loose stones and gems and in case you find any don’t delay to take it to the jeweler. Another important tip is that always put on the jewelries after you are done with your cosmetics as otherwise it might hamper its shine.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing diamonds online

With the advancement in technology and less time to personally go shopping has made online shopping a need for the hour. Not only less expensive things are purchased online but even the jewellery has a high demand in the online market. As you know “diamond is a girl’s best friend” there are various points you should look out while shopping for your diamonds online to get the best ones at best prices.

You should prepare a budget before you start surveying. Also note down the type of jewellery you want whether it is a necklace, a ring or a bracelet. Once you start checking particular sites for jewellery you should check whether they have company registration number and call company office to clear away your doubts. You can email them as well.

You should also check the diamond certification and buy only from those who provide a cash back guarantee. Buying through credit card is the best option as credit card companies they do not endorse fraudulence.

Learn to clean your diamonds well

A diamond set or jewelry is every girl’s treasure. These days even men wear diamond rings and ear studs. Diamonds are precious and everlasting. A diamond is forever. Of course you have to take good care of it. To keep up the shine and sparkle of your diamond, you have to give it a regular cleaning. If you don’t it will end up looking like any other white stone! Here are a few tips on how you can clean your diamonds-

1) If your diamond is deeply embedded in gold/platinum, then you will find dirt collecting around the rim of the binding. The best way to get rid of this kind of dirt is to soak your diamond in lukewarm water and add a detergent mild in nature to the mix.

2) Use a soft brush and rub off the dirt gently.

3) If the dirt refuses to go or if you are too pressed for time to do it yourself then you can go to your nearest jewelry store and get it cleaned professionally.

A perfect anniversary gift for your loving wife: diamond jewelry

Wondering what to gift your love on this anniversary? Well, diamond jewelry will just be appropriate to bring a smile on your beloved’s face. Anniversary is a very special day of any couple’s life. So, the gift has to be the best of all filled with lots of love.

Diamonds can be referred as the best friend of a woman. So, a diamond will add a special touch to your anniversary celebrations. Now, you must keep a few things in mind while purchasing a ring like the budget and obviously your partner’s taste in this case. Diamond rings are available in a variety of shapes and fascinating designs. It can be a single big diamond or a set of three diamonds. The diamond ring will look amazing on your partner’s fingers. Diamond rings are available in a variety of shapes and fascinating designs.
It can be a single big diamond or a set of three diamonds. The diamond ring will look amazing on your partner’s fingers.

You can also go for diamonds coupled with platinum or gold. But, you must carefully choose the diamond; check its smoothness and cuttings. Sometimes, fake stones are used in place of this precious stone.

All about diamond cuts

When a diamond is being purchased it’s very important that you understand the importance of the cut of the stone.

One should be very clear that the diamond cut does not mean its shape but the proportion, polish and also its symmetry. The brilliance of the diamond depends on its cut, thus even if a diamond has superior clarity and color and is not cut properly it results in a dull looking diamond. Diamond cut is one of the most important of the four C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. The cut of the diamond depends on the shape and size of the diamond.

Modern technology such as laser cutting and computer aided designs have improved the art of cutting of a diamond, with negligible wastage. With the help of technology diamonds today have more brilliance compared to old diamonds with a similar grading and quality.

Learn how to pick the perfect diamond jewelry

Diamonds have always fascinated people, especially women. Diamonds are referred to as the first love of women. This precious stone symbolizes love, friendship and commitment. It is very important to choose the right diamond jewelry which will enhance your beauty and makes you look serene.

Diamonds are the first choice, be it an engagement ring or a special gift for your lady love. So, here are a few tips which will help you to select the right diamond jewelry. Bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and necklaces are some of most popular diamond accessories.

While choosing jewelry keep in mind what type of metal will suit the best. White gold, yellow gold and platinum look amazing when combined with diamond. You should also do a bit of research before purchasing a diamond as there are fake diamonds available in the market which looks very much like a real one. Finally, check the cut, clarity, color and size of the diamond to get the perfect diamond.

Diamond Necklace: Its enchanting effects

A woman’s eyes start sparkling and shining with the beauty and glitz of diamonds. Women love to wearing necklaces, especially studded with diamonds, so if you want your loved one to feel special, irrespective of her being your mother, wife or sister, get her a diamond necklace. Diamonds were too expensive before and only the very rich could have afforded them. It is not the same anymore as people are using diamond jewelry as a fashion statement, and its availability in the jewelry stores has increased in the last few years.

Diamond necklaces come in designs which can enchant a woman. The varieties will give you the chance to select the one which suits your neck. Different categories of necklaces are provided by shops these days like the diamond gemstone, diamond drop, diamond trilogy and others. Wearing these on the neck makes women very joyful and satisfied. It is the best gift a woman can get.

Diamond Bracelets, A Fine Pick For An Anniversary Gift

When it comes to buying jewelry, you have innumerable choices in hand. But only a few are rare and fine. Jewelry made out of diamonds adds the perfect dash of elegance and polish. The diamond bracelets always look elegant, charismatic and rich. They are popular amongst women of all age-groups and can be worn in any occasion or event. Be it a party or a social gathering or a casual outing. They bring the perfect finish to your hands. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, so a shining bracelet with 3-4 small cut diamond stones will satiate you the most.

If you want to dazzle in the glimmers, then Diamond bracelets are best to adorn yourself. Buying diamonds isn’t an easy ball’s game. Since it involves a lot of money, it should be bought with precision. Bracelets made out of diamonds are the most admired gift items for weddings, anniversary, birthdays, engagements and any kind of special occasions.

Tips to keep in mind while picking up diamonds for the 1st time

Owning a diamond is everyone’s dream and to ensure that you don’t get fooled by any of those fake jewelers, you should keep certain tips in mind before finalizing your diamond. Therefore the first important step while buying is to consider the four C- clarity, cut, color and carat. These factors help you decide the quality and price of the diamond.

The cut helps you to gauge the sparkle and the brightness of the particular diamond. The number of cuts determines the shine of it. Another important factor is the color of the diamond. Diamonds are priced according to their color, the white ones are expensive, and diamonds with a slight yellow tinge are considered cheaper. Apart from this is the clarity in the shine of the diamond, the clearer the shine, the higher the price. And the carat calculation is also easy, as the increasing carat results in the increasing price too.

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