Tips To Clean Gold Earrings

Clean Gold EarringsWith time, gold jewelry has a tendency to acquire a dull finish. But it can also accumulate dirt and dust with regular use. To get back the old shine of the golden ornaments be it earrings, bracelets, neck pieces there are simple methods that can be followed at home.

1. You can start off by creating a bubble bath with a few drops of soft detergent or liquid dish wash. Dish washing soaps work very well for gold ornaments. You can use tap water, which is just fine but for even better results, you can make use of club soda. The carbonation that is present in these liquids will help you to get rid of the debris. Some of the precautions that you need to take here is not to use boiling water, also when the jewelry consists of small pieces that are delicate. Some of the gemstones that are added to your earrings, say, opals, and they crack if they face vast changes in temperature. You can soak them for 5 to 15 minutes if you find them very dirty.

2. The next step is to scrub the earring with a toothbrush having a soft and gentle bristle. You should be very careful and take care of all the corners and curves where the dirt might be hidden. Stiffer the bristles, higher will be the chances of it creating scratch marks on the jewelry. Thin layers of gold can get be removed by hard bristles. Each time dip the toothbrush into the soap solution to keep it gentle.

3. Next, wash each piece of the earring, gently under running water. This will remove all the dirt that has been loosened by the brushing process. The water that is used for washing purpose should also not be hot specially when your jewelry has delicate parts. You must be careful enough to close the drain that is there in your sink so that you do not lose any part by accident. mistake.

4. Now remove the jewelry from the strainer and dry it up with the help of a soft cloth. You should make sure that the jewelry is completely dry so that you do not have to face skin irritation. A clean and old t-shirt can probably be best for drying it up. Paper towels should be avoided.

How To Buy The Perfect Diamond Earrings?

Perfect Diamond EarringsPlanning to give a gift to your mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend then you must buy diamonds because diamonds are considered to be a woman’s best friend. Diamonds are absolutely gorgeous and classy because of which women love diamonds. Since this stone is unique and beautiful, it will be really special for the person who receives a jewelry piece made out of diamonds as a gift. One diamond jewelry piece that you can surely gift to your loved one is a pair of stud earrings which have diamonds embedded in them. These earrings look elegant and simple. Plus they are compatible with any kind of clothing.

When you are buying the stud earrings then it is very important that you keep in mind certain things so that you purchase the perfect diamond earrings. You must find out how the diamond has been cut because the cut will eventually determine the cost and brilliance of the diamond earrings that you are going to buy. A diamond that has been well cut will surely look pretty because it will reflect light to the upper surface of diamond making it shine.

Remember to check the weight of the diamond earrings as well. You would not want to gift or buy earrings that will be very heavy and put undue pressure on the ears. The color of the diamonds should also be good and the overall appearance of the earrings must be amazing and attractive. Ensure that the diamonds are crystal clear and have top-notch quality.

You can actually select the design or suggest a particular design to the jewelry shop so that the earrings are made to match the personality of the person who is receiving the gift. Your budget also has to be kept in mind while buying stud earrings made out of diamonds because these are usually costly.

Wearing chandelier earrings with evening gown

 chandelier earrings, earingsThere are various forms of earrings and the complexity of the designs of the earrings reflect the sophistication and fashion style statement of the one who wears it. of all the designs of the earrings, the chandelier cut is the most popular and famous earring design in the world. They are a complicated variant of the drop earring. The chandelier earring can be made of a single stone, two stones or can be a web of a variety of stones. The chandelier earrings in many cases continue up to the neck.

By the word chandelier we get the instant impression of the bulky and beautiful heavy cascading lights hanging in the party halls and ball rooms. But when it comes to the chandelier earrings, take the bulk out of the equation. The beauty of the chandelier earrings lies in the way it accentuates the length of the neck. The subtle swaying of the jewelry creates a melodic effect and add a sense of elegance to your appearance.

Gold earrings for fresh piercings

Gold earrings, earingsIf you have pierced your ear recently and looking for gold earrings, then you should be very much careful in this respect. A simple negligence can cause problems for you especially if you have fresh piercings. You can ask a dermatologist to know details regarding earrings. Also the jewelers can also help you with these.

It is advisable for people with fresh piercings to go for nickel free, 18 carats or 14 carats gold earrings, especially gold studs. Try to avoid using any type of silver plated or gold plated earrings. This is because these ornaments can cause allergenic reactions and even infections if the piercing is fresh.

Even too heavy an earring can prove to be painful for those having fresh piercing. You should give at least a certain time so that the piercing is strong enough and can bear the weight of heavy earring. You can also use Teflon coated earrings in case of fresh piercings to avoid any type of infections.

Sapphire ear loops

Sapphire ear loops, SapphireSapphire is a beautiful blue gem that looks great on any piece of jewelry. One of the best ways of earring this gem is with the ear lops. They give you a very classy and elegant look but they can also be very modern. Therefore, if you are looking for a nice piece of jewelry to wear in formal occasions, this is the gem you are looking for.

Again, they can also be quite marvelous when it comes to wearing them in nice party occasions. They could look quite complimenting with a nice long gown teamed with a sapphire necklace. There are a lot of nice designs available on these earrings. The sapphire ear loops are very popular among the buyers. You can get a host of different styles and designs over the net from which you could choose from. You can also get a good deal on the discount if you are looking at the right place.

Match your evening ensemble with gorgeous ruby earrings

gorgeous ruby earrings, ruby earrings  People are unaware of the elegance and look which ruby earrings add to a person’s overall package. Ruby earrings can easily match different styles and colors of attire that you wear. Even if your dress is not a designer one or you are not wearing a necklace round your neck; wearing ruby earrings will manage to grab the attention of many. These gemstones are as beautiful as sapphires or diamonds.

Women love to put on ruby earrings while wearing a simple and elegant evening dress to add to their beauty. The scarlet bright colors are very appealing to the eye. Ruby stones have been used as a jewelry piece since the olden days. You can put on the ruby earrings during special occasions as well as while you are just stepping out of your house. The aura which these stones add is something worth it.


Sapphire ear drops: an elegant choice for the modern woman

Jewels are a woman’s best friend. These days’ people are experimenting with all kinds of materials when it comes to jewelry and not just sticking to gold, silver or platinum. Gemstones adorn a piece of jewelry very well and sapphire is a great option for the contemporary woman of today. They are available in a wide range of colors like yellow, or green and blue. They have a tendency to shine and shimmer highly so that is a major factor why these are so popular these days.

Any kind of formal outfit with a pair of sapphire chandelier earrings or any other form of ear drops can make your entire look come to life. Be the centre of attention at any party by putting on your favorite sapphire earrings. Also these earrings are a great idea for gifts to a newlywed bride or your partner. There can hardly be any woman who can say no to such amazing creations of fashion and beauty.

Complete your evening look with a perfect pair of diamond earring

Diamond earrings have become more affordable than it was before. It is great gift especially for women. A pair of diamond earrings completes a woman’s evening look. Diamonds have a sparkle inside and outside. They have a glittering touch which is excellent. At night the jewelry works well as it has a shine.

Diamond earrings can be of different shapes, sizes and colour. The popular colours are white, yellow, blue etc. Diamonds hold a premier position among all the stones. There are many brands which offer diamond jewelry. Many earrings are fashionable. You need to know the kind of earrings you want. You can look for designs in online diamond stores. Many women find it difficult to choose the correct pair of diamond jewelry.

You can buy diamond studs. You can get silver based diamond earrings or gold based ones. You can also try the platinum based diamonds earrings. There are many cuts of earrings to choose from.

Is investing in diamond earrings a good idea

Do you want to splurge your money to woo your lady love with a pair of astounding diamond ear rings? Well then following a few guidelines while investing for this precious piece of jewelry would be immensely beneficial for you.

A diamond could be of various types but as an investor you always need to be cautious of the fake diamonds which are generally made of crystals or shards of glass. Several latest technologies have made it difficult to distinguish between real and false diamonds. Diamond moissannites are renowned for its closest similarities with the diamonds made by human labor.

Investing in diamond earrings is always a good idea if you extra careful in terms of its color, shape, and carat weight while purchasing it. White or colorless diamonds are way safer to buy than the colored ones and to prevent yourself from the authenticity hazards of the diamond dealers always get your expenditures in a printed format.

A must have accessory for any women: black diamond ear studs

There is nothing much that you can say about jewelry? They are a necessity in every woman’s life. And speaking of jewels, diamond is said to be a woman’s best friend! Diamonds can be of different colors. The most popular notion among people is that only white diamonds can be bought and used in jewelry.

However this is wrong, diamonds of any color can be worn, the more exquisite the color, the more expensive it is. But if you want to wear diamonds but is tired of wearing the same old white ones then an affordable second option is to go for black diamonds.

Get yourself a pair of black diamond ear studs and see how it changes your entire look. You can wear it with a black dress to look serene and mysterious or with any other color. Polished black diamonds are as glittery and precious as diamonds of any other color.

For men this is a wonderful gift when you make that special some one in your life happy. It can be your mother, your sister, your wife or the love of your life. They are all going to love it!

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