How To Clean Your White Gold Rings

Cleaning white gold ringWhite gold rings looks too beautiful and classy. But when you have something too well with you, the caring element also increases. Maintaining white gold rings is a bit tricky when compared to maintenance of rings of yellow gold or platinum. The maintenance of white gold is more difficult because of the fact as to how it is made. White gold is made up of yellow gold which is mixed up with white metals and is covered with plating so that the yellowish color of the jewelry is hidden. For maintaining your white gold ring, the thing you need to do is to clean your white gold ring. Cleaning your white gold ring is bit complicated and not as simple as that of normal gold. Because of the composition of the white gold, cleaning your white gold is complicated as you need to be careful that you don’t damage your ring. Make sure that you preserve the rhodium plating or else you will lose its beautiful finish. Here are some of the steps to clean your white gold ring.

  • Make a cleaning solution

For cleaning your white gold rings, you must make a cleaning solution. You can mix mild soap in a bowl of warm water. Make sure you don’t use detergents for cleaning your white gold ring. Avoid those things which contain chlorine or any such harsh chemicals as it can ruin your white gold rings. Be gentle while making this solution as your ring is very sensitive and very prone to damages.

  • Soak your white gold ring

Once you are done with making the cleaning solution for cleaning your white gold ring, now it’s the time to soak your white gold ring into the solution. Soak your white gold ring for a time period of 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Rub the ring gently

When you are done with soaking of your gold ring, rub your gold ring gently and smoothly. While rubbing the white gold ring, use a soft brush or any soft cloth to remove any of the dirt which is stuck in your white gold ring and make it clean and beautiful.

  • Rinse the ring

When you are done with rubbing the ring, it’s now time to rinse the ring. Rinse your ring with lukewarm water. This will ensure that there is no soap residue in the ring and stop it from damaging further.

  • Dry your white gold ring

After rinsing the ring, dry your white gold ring. Use a clean towel to dry your ring. If your white gold ring is too much dirty then for cleaning your white gold ring, you can add up few drops of ammonia into the water and get the most effective result.


Don’t use any of the abrasive substance for scrubbing your white gold ring or else it will damage the plating of your white gold ring. A single cleaning session is not going to damage it as it is much durable but still repeating it several times can definitely damage it.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Cleaning gold jewelryNot like silver jewelry, gold jewelry does not lose its finish or become dull over period of time. But gold is till such a material which can accumulate grime and dirt with its regular usage. You will definitely not like wearing such dirty gold jewelry. Thus to restore the shine and polish and look of your gold jewelry like your necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets, you need to clean your gold jewelry. For cleaning your gold jewelry, you just need some of the household ingredients and tools. By using them in proper manner, you will be able to clean your gold jewelry very easily. Here are some of the steps for cleaning your gold jewelry.

  • Clean your gold jewelry with dish soap

If you want to clean your gold jewelry with soap, then you have to mix up liquid dish wash in to water. Use warm water while making this mixture. Make sure to use warm water and not hot water as hot water can ruin your gold jewelry. Ordinary water will be okay for cleaning your gold jewelry but if you want better result than you can use sodium free seltzer water or you can even use or you can also make use of club soda. The mixture of this liquid will lose all the collected dirt and grease on your gold jewelry. If your gold jewelry contains fragile precious stone then you need to be extra careful while cleaning your gold jewelry as doing it in improper manner can damage your jewelry. Don’t use hot water as precious stones like opals can get cracked if they are exposed to sudden and extreme temperature changes.

  • Soak your gold jewelry into solution

After making the appropriate mixture, you must let the jewelry soak in the mixture for a time period of about 15 minutes. Soaking of jewelry into warm water will pass it’s through the cracks and cuts of the jewelry where it is hard to reach and clean all the build of dirt and clean your gold jewelry in perfect manner.

  • Scrub the jewelry with soft bristle tooth brush

Take each piece of jewelry into your hand and then put it in water and clean with your tooth brush. Tooth brush has bristles and it will clean very minute dirt very appropriately. Make sure the tooth brush you choose have soft bristles. If you choose hard bristles tooth brush ten it can damage your jewelry. There are also chances of getting the stones out of the jewelry if the bristles of tooth brush are hard. There are certain specially designed brushes which are made for cleaning your gold jewelry if you can use that for cleaning your jewelry then it would be best as there is no risk of damaging your jewelry. You can also use eyebrow brushes for cleaning your gold jewelry as they are small and also soft which is suitable for cleaning your gold jewelry.

How to Check Gold and Silver Purity

Gold and Silver PurityTesting gold and silver is an easy task, but you need to go to the right place for getting it checked. To know about the purity and the place where your jewelry shall not be messed is very important. There are certain tools that are required to check the purity like silver tone jewelry, gold tone jewelry, gold test kit for 10k, 14k, and 18k, silver testing kit, testing stone, and a newspaper. You can follow some simple and easy steps to test your own jewelry.

• Firstly you need to spread the newspaper totally in the area where you shall be working in. Newspaper prevents your table top from getting destroyed with any sort of acid spills. Then gather all the materials that is required and keep it aside. Now place the testing stone on the newspaper and the jewelry to be tested out so that there are no chances of the acid getting spilled on the jewelry directly.

• The edge of a ring or the links of a necklace are probably the best areas to check for purity. Rub or scratch those parts with the stone. In this way there are no large scars also that are left on the jewelry. You need to ensure that you rub the jewelry on the stone with a little force so that tiny pieces of the gold or silver are left behind on the stone. To ensure that you have scratched on the stone correctly you will be able to see streaks and marks on the stone. After this just add one drop of acid on the streak of the metal that was left on the stone.

• You shall be able to notice a change in color. If you were testing for gold jewelry you shall observe only a slight change in color. This intensity of change will tell you what karat gold jewelry it is. Say, that you want to check a jewelry for 14karat. If the jewelry streak on putting acid disappears completely you can make out that is less than 14k and if there is no change at all it is more than 14k. If you are testing silver, you shall observe color changes from dark red to brown to green depending on the content of silver in decreasing order.

• You can also file a groove in the piece to test for silver. Simply, drop a bit of acid and observe the changes. The piece itself can also be tested with the silver solution but it tends to leave the finish dull and also leaves a stain where the acid was placed. Thus, this method is not very commonly recommended.

If you are planning to buy jewelry you should be well aware of the common terms and phrases relating to jewelry. This shall help you to understand better what the jeweler is trying to say. You should always ask for a detailed explanation and information of the thing that you are planning to buy. It is also important that you buy from a well-renowned place and know the store you are buying from. Before finally buying it be well aware of the return and refund policy and agreements too.

Comparing white gold and silver rings

white gold, silver jewelryDo you want the pop the question to your long term girlfriend but are confused about the ring that you should get her? Well, if your girl is a big fan of white metal then the two options you have is the white gold ring and the silver ring. Though both white gold and silver have the similar whitish gray hue they have their distinct characteristics and before you take your pick you need to be aware of these features. Knowing the characteristics of white gold and silver will ensure that you choose a ring that perfect suits your needs.

The only characteristic that white gold and silver really shares is the color. Though the gray hue of silver is darker than that of white gold, the difference in color is really minimal. White gold is the second most popular color of gold after yellow gold. Mixed metal alloys like palladium and silver gives white gold its unique color. As far as the quality is concerned, you need to know that silver is not as strong as gold. White gold is hard metal and silver is soft metal. White gold contains amount of gold that can be measured in carats. Gold of the same carat has the same quality irrespective of the color.

As for the use, white gold is far more widely used for rings compared to silver. According to renowned jewelers, white gold rings are more suited for daily wear and for long term use. A lot of jewelers do not really recommend silver for engagement and wedding rings since they are not likely to stand the test of time. Silver rings are more suited to be worn as accent pieces during special occasions. Since white gold is a superior metal compared to silver, its cost is also a lot more than that of silver.

How to care & maintain the gorgeous gold?

gorgeous gold jewelryGold jewelries have always been a prominent pick since ages. The bright yellow metal is famous for its rich glory and is usually associated with elegance, aristocracy & grandeur. Every woman out there holds a special cornet for gold, irrespective of culture and age. However, you should how the care for your gold sets properly to ensure that they stay at their classy best forever. The post here presents a short brief elaborating on how to care & maintain the gorgeous gold.

Avoid regular use

It’s advised not to sport gold everyday, especially when it comes to the intricate pieces. Take out your gold studs and rings at night. Actually, there are some reasons why it’s suggested not to wear the gold pieces all the time. First of all, there are some care products like perfume, makeup, lotion and certain hair-care products which can be damaging for the yellow luster. Then, having the ornaments against skin constantly, would, over time, lessen the golden sheen.

Steer clear of chlorine

Chlorine is dangerous for gold. Hence you should not be wearing any sort of gold jewelry while cleaning your washroom with a chlorine based solution. Moreover, the swimming pools contain chlorinated water- thus, you should be careful to take out your gold jewelry before stepping into the pool. Wash and dry yourself well before putting the gold pieces on.

Proper storage

Gold jewelries demand proper storage as these can get dented or scratched very easily. Hence you should have separate box to store your golden pieces. Make sure never o store them alongside diamonds. Any contact with the hard stones can result in unwanted scratches on your favorite ornament.

Be gentle with cleaning

You have to clean up your gold jewelry often. Remember to use a mild gold cleaning solution and soft-bristled brush while scrubbing dirt from the gold pieces.

Investing in Welsh Gold

Welsh Gold, gold investmentWhat is investing in an asset? Investment should be best and it should offer the life. Gold investment is a good idea. Gold investment is around from ancient years, and it’s still the best investment idea, because, the gold’s rate is increasing day by day. Choose a welsh gold and invest in it. Welsh gold is a pure gold. Welsh gold will be costly comparing to other gold jewelries. Buy a quality gold to worth your investment. Wales’s mines are the most popular for Welsh Gold. You can have a variety of choice to choose from the jewelry.

Gifting a welsh gold ornament to someone you love is a precious and valuable thing. There are different type ornaments like bracelets, earrings, necklace and more.

The investment in welsh gold will make the generation to inherit. The increase in gold’s rate will cause a problem in buying it in the future. Better invest in gold today. It will be a worthy buy.

Vintage gold jewelry for the bride

Vintage gold jewelry, goldThese days we are all in for modern jewelry. With women working, there is no space or utility of old and heavy pieces of jewelry. However, today with everyone sporting lightweight and small pieces of modern jewelry, vintage gold jewelry is back in craze.

If you are attending a wedding and thinking of what to gift the bride or if you are direct relatives of the bride, and looking for the perfect gift then go for vintage gold jewelry. Vintage gold jewelry has that old world charm that speaks of old world values and culture.

There is something about vintage jewelry that makes them so close to the heart. They look expensive, classy and sophisticated at the same time. Vintage gold jewelry is something that the bride will love and also treasure. She is sure to wear them at all family get-togethers and with every traditional dress. So gift her one now!

White gold or platinum: what to pick

White goldAre you already confused about what to gift your lady love on this anniversary? Well white gold and platinum rings are the best choice to opt for. Not only they are classy, with high fidelity aesthetic beauty but are also stylish and pretty modern in their look. But it’s hard to choose a single material between these two as both of them are astoundingly gorgeous.

Generally various kinds of white metals like silver. rhodium, palladiums are mixed with gold to make white gold on the other hand platinum made jewelries are entirely made of platinum. In terms of durability platinum is anytime more durable and stronger than gold and it can resist the starches pretty well than the white gold. On the other hand unlike white gold jewelries platinum jewelries are quite easy to maintain. But in terms of cost platinum is pricier than white gold in the present market.


Difference between 9K gold jewellery and 24 K

Jewellery is something we all love. When it comes to jewellery, gold is considered the best and simply preferred more than any other metal all over the world. There is however different kinds of gold in the market, in order to make sure that you know what you are buying you need to be acquainted with the varieties of gold available.

Here are some of the major differences between 9K gold jewellery and 24K-

1)      The letter K here stands for the word Karat that is used as a measurement for the amount and quality of gold present in jewellery. This means that any jewellery having 9K gold has very less amount of pure gold in it. Some do not even consider 9K jewellery as actual gold.

2)      However in case of 24K gold, it is considered to be the purest form of gold. Jewellery made with 24K gold is of the highest value and the costliest of all gold jewellery.

Emerald: a perfect match for gold

Are you planning to get a stone studded ring for your beloved on her birthday? Well, diamond studded gold rings are passé’. Gift the love of your life an emerald studded gold ring. Emerald comes from beryl and it gets its unique green color from traces of vanadium or chromium. However, while choosing a gold ring studded with emerald make sure that you check the clarity and color of the emerald. It will be great if the emerald has rich green color and is very transparent.


If you think that the person you will be gifting the ring to will not like rich green colored, you can opt for an emerald with secondary hue of blue or yellow. While selecting the cut of the emerald keep the design of the gold ring in mind. A gold ring with simple design will complement a round emerald while a more ornately designed ring will look good with an oval emerald.

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