Tips for Choosing Men’s Wedding Ring

Tips-For-Buying-Wedding-Bands-For-MenWedding rings are of special significance in any couple’s life. Whether the man is selecting his ring himself or his fiancee is choosing for him there are certain points to be taken care of.


  • Consider his lifestyle

Certain facts relating to groom lifestyle should be known and ring should be selected accordingly .Does groom indulge in activities or hobbies which can damage the ring? If yes he would definitely remove his ring while doing this activity. But if he is of the opinion to wear the ring all the time then a durable and hard ring should be selected. Durability of ring should be balanced with weight, especially when they ring is with stone. Stones do fall during rough activities and that’s the reason behind its good durability choice. In case of gold, low carat gold is more preferable for durability as compared to high carat gold. Silver is not considered good for better durability. As far as platinum and titanium are compared durability of titanium is better than platinum.

  • Depicts Groom’s personality

Think of the quality that your chosen ring depicts. Does it match to the nature and personality of groom? If no, it’s not the perfect one you want to opt for. A traditional man would like simple gold or silver band. A plain gold band is always a classic choice but some go for silver. Jewel stones, diamond and other stones can bring personality to a simple plain ring. For example red color depicts bold and exciting. If the groom is of bold and exciting nature than a red stone will be best fit for your groom’s ring. On contrary a reserved groom may be of the opinion of few unobtrusive diamonds. A band with intricate design would go with a flashy man. A modern tech man would usually prefer unique and innovative ring. Tungsten is favorite among this class of grooms.

  • Cost Consideration

Wedding are pretty much expensive. In this, over expensive wedding ring should be avoided. Though couples have superior dreams about their wedding rings but actually the couples should try to get most out of their money. Low cost tungsten bands are easy and affordable. Silver is also affordable. While on the other hand titanium is expensive and gold is evergreen as well as all time expensive. For reasonable rates you can opt for low carat gold rings. If you want to go for something really classy, go for platinum bands but beware it is really costly.

  • Bride and groom rings should go together

Just like the bride and groom are a perfect match, their ring should also be a perfect match. It doesn’t mean it should be similar but they should look nice together. Certain things which should be taken in consideration are stone selection, width, metal choice, level of intricacy, choice to engrave or not and similar other things. It doesn’t mean that you have to purchase men’s version of bride’s ring  but it just simply mean that both ring should go with each other when put together.

  • Professional sizing

Sizing is just for free. Any jeweler would size for free so there is no scope of you skipping this step.  Even if a man thinks, he gets to know his rings size. So just be sure what he thinks of. The look of wedding band is enhanced only when it is perfectly fitted. Resizing your ring later costs you extra and also no newlywed would like to remove their ring for few days for resizing. There are some rings which can’t be resized and in case of engraved ring resizing may ruin the engraving. Thus to stay away from all this take your groom to a jeweler for professional sizing.


Choosing men’s wedding band made easy

men’s wedding bandNow that you are all set to get married to the man of your dreams, the preparations must be on in the big way. And as a bride-to-be one of your most important responsibilities is choosing the wedding band for your groom. Your wedding day will be the most special day of both your lives and you have to make sure that the wedding band you get for him is special.

The first thing that you will have to decide while choosing the band for your man is the metal. The classic choice is obviously a gold wedding band but off late silver wedding bands have become quite popular as well. The biggest advantage of silver wedding bands is they complement all types of skin tones. If budget is not an issue for you then platinum wedding band can be a great choice. Secondly, you will have to decide whether you want the band with or without diamonds. Thirdly, deciding on the amount you want to spend on the wedding band is crucial.

Fancy Cufflinks Jewelry For Men

Cufflinks Jewelry, men jewelryThe term jewelry is generally referred with women. But as the fashion industry is going now you can find fashionable jewelry made for men too. Markets are filled with jewelry stuff made for men and these accessories make them look even more stylish. Rings, chains, bracelets and cufflinks are few of the items available for men.

Cufflinks are the accessories made for the man who loves dressing in style. If you are a person who dresses daily in suits to attend various parties and meetings then cufflinks will make you look even better dressed. These cufflinks are made up of different materials and are available in various designs. You can find well designed cufflinks for the stylish man in you or even the simple gold or platinum cufflinks for the simple man in you. So, select the perfect style for your dress and buy them online. There are many online stores offering a wide range of cufflinks.

Gift your man a pair of precious cufflinks

Buy cufflinks, men's accessoriesCufflinks are quite fashionable. They can be a perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend. These are the most popular accessories of fashion for men that are available. You can go online and see that huge variety of options that are available when it comes to the cufflinks for men. You will find that you have never seen and probably wouldn’t have ever imagined about.

There are cufflinks for every temperament and every attitude of a man. You could go with the regular ones or you could go with the designer ones as well. If you want to buy cufflinks for your man, the best place to shop for them is the internet. Getting the perfect cufflink requires a lot of choice and it is not possible to get so many varieties in a physical shop. That is why you should buy the cufflinks from the online shops as the choices are abundant.

Trendy biker jewelry

Biker jewelry, trendy jewelryDo you want to flaunt your coolest look by wearing some trendy biker jewelries? Well then get some fresh ideas by reading this article and zoom with your bike by making a brilliant style statement wearing those jewelries. If you are a passionate biker and have strong inclination for wearing dazzling jewelries then you must select the jewelries according to your personality. Te jewelries that are specified as biker jewelries include, rings, heavy metal chains with pendants, bracelets and so on.

All these jewelries help the biker to reflect a very wild and rugged look that is adored by people in different cultures. The most common and famous biker jewelry includes a silver skull ring. The ring is made with a skull shaped design and sometimes precious stones like diamonds are engraved into it. Shiny metal chains are thick bracelets also are regarded as funky biker jewelries that flare a rocking style quotient.

An add-on to your personality: Biker’s jewellery

Biker’s jewellery, mens jewelryIf one wishes to carry a strong style statement then biker’s jewellery is the best choice. Skulls, bones or cross bones are its constituents. Available in different shades, motifs, designs it makes attractive rings and bracelets for both men and women. It acts as a catalyst to entire personality and style. But then to carry it well is not a cup of tea for any tom and harry. You will look different and eye catching, while it can be used by people of all ages. One needs to have confidence, style and make a style statement.

It is quite unique and can be used to stand out in the crowd. These have been popularised by actors and actresses flaunting them in the films, best example is the skull ring and belt chains. If you are planning for a party to be remembered by all and forever, have the guts and confidence to adorn the bikers jewellery, trust me you will garner praises.

Men’s diamond ear studs: a perfect accessory for the contemporary man

Men’s earrings serve their purpose of self expression and ornamentation. Men have been piercing their ears for a long time. Earlier it was a way to attract women and it also symbolized the openness of a man to accept the wisdom of elder men.

Mostly men pierce one ear lobe. This is the classic style. They can wear a diamond stud on the ear lobe. The diamond stud is simple and the size depends on the person wearing it. There are many sizes and shapes of diamond earrings. The colour of a diamond stud is clear. The sparkle and shine of the diamonds make them look special.

You need to take good care of a diamond stud. The earring has to be cleaned from time to time with mild soap and soft cloth. When you open the stud keep it in a box so as not to lose it. The diamond ear stud is a perfect accessory for men belonging to the contemporary times.

All about men’s gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is no more restricted to women only; these days, the modern metro-sexual men also are donning the golden pieces with equal ease and style. Here is a short discussion on varied men’s jewelry found in the market.

Firstly, you surely have the golden wedding bands or rings, the most common and the most usual through the ages. Then, today the trendy hunks also love to sport a small golden stud. Golden chains and bracelets are even favored by the modern men. Golden pendants are common too.

Then you have the gold made cuff-links for your significant “him”. A chic pair of golden cufflinks is the best to add the desired sparkle yet very subtly. It goes well with any tuxedo or suit ensemble that the man might don. Lastly, you have the golden timepieces. One can go also for the golden watches adorned with little diamonds embedded on its face.

Silver rings, a stylish accessory for modern men

Rings are no more only a part of a woman’s jewellery box. For women, jewellery has always been to enhance their beauty, while for men it is to show their wealth. Men’s styling has always been related to the function it may carry, nothing out of boundary and just for looks. Why not give a thought about a silver ring, just an extra, but elegant accessory. Today’s men have gone far when it comes to fashion, they find it fashionable to wear silver rings with the minimum design, the simpler the better.

Silver rings, similar to gold rings as in they are of a pure metal, are ductile and are more prone to darkening. We advise you to store it in a velvet box when you are not wearing it. Taking care is a must but still if it doesn’t stay polished you can always get it polished. Polishing every 12 months is very much advised. Men prefer rings which are bigger and chunkier than that of women’s.

A Man’s jewelry can be extended to anything

Though most of the men laugh aloud when they are asked if they like wearing jewelry yet if seen closely, a man’s jewelry can be extended to anything that they wear or carry. Beside the wedding ring which is one of the most commonly sighted men’s jewelry, the following can also be comfortably called men’s jewelry.

Chains and bracelets: many men wear gold or silver chains and bracelets as part of their jewelry. These have become a fashion statement for the gen X but even the mature men are no where behind in wearing these.

Cufflinks and tie pins: Tie pins or tie tacks and cufflinks are common pieces of jewelry that men wear even in the boardroom but will never accept them as jewelry. The gold, silver or gemstone studded tie pins and cufflinks are their objects of desire always.

Key rings: this mostly unnoticeable accessory has become a piece of formal jewelry for men. The men like to keep key chains that project their persona and status. Gem studded keying or personalized key rings are in vogue. Some men also buy gold or sterling silver key rings.