Taking care of your pearl jewelry

pearl jewelryMost of the women in this world are fond of jewelries and they in no way want to lose them. You already know that pearls are made up of organic materials and thus they get very easily damaged by any harsh substances. Pearl jewelries look so elegant that these are often passed on by the mothers to their descendants as a vintage gift for any special occasion. But this can only be possible if special care is taken for the pearls, the same way in which you do for your diamond or gold jewelry.

Very mild face soap should be diluted in a high volume of tepid water. The pearls should be soaked in the liquid for an hour to get the best result. Dishwashing soaps and powders are strictly forbidden to use when you want to clean your pearl jewelry. The jewelry should be taken out of water after one hour and then it should be lightly brushed with a damp-cotton bud. The string, knots and drill holes should be specially taken care of.

After this process is carried on, the jewelry should be laid on a damp cotton cloth and allowed to dry well at room temperature. The pearls should retain its elegance if it is kept away from rough surfaces and so always re-check the cloth that you are keeping it in. It should be extremely soft as well as damp. As because pearls have got the similar characteristics like our skin and it soak up anything that surrounds it, a good moisturizer is the best option to keep your pearls healthy. Though face moisturizer cannot be used but if you apply some amount of organic olive oil on the jewelry with a cotton-bud, a long lasting luster should be retained by your jewelry and will show off a brand new look. Detergents should be kept miles away from pearls and it should not be worn if the string is wet. Pearls can never be hanged after cleaning and the most important thing is that do not wear your pearl jewelry while doing make up or putting deodorants.

Choosing the correct pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry, PearlPearl jewelry if chosen properly can be your most treasured possession. You should be very much careful while choosing the correct pearl jewelry. If you are not careful enough, then you can be very easily cheated by fake pearls. So it is essential that you do proper research about the tiny things about the pearls to spot the difference between the real and the fake one.

Always purchase pearl jewelry from trusted and authenticated jewelry shops so that you can be sure of getting the best quality gem. Also insist on a quality certificate for the gem since all pearls come with such a certificate.

There are various designs and styles of pearl jewelries available in the market. You can get a pearl jewelry for each and every occasion. Though the white shinning pearl is the most common one, the pink pearl is the most expensive in the pearl family and a rare one too. A pink pearl jewelry can be a very treasured possession for you throughout your life.

Pearl jewelry would be a wonderful gift for your lady love

Pearl jewelry, Pearl Planning to gift your lady love something special and enchanting? Well, you can go for pearl jewelry as jewelry is the best friend of any woman. Pearls have always fascinated women and anybody would be proud to own a great pearl jewelry set. The exquisite designs and the amazing shades of white make pearls more fascinating. They are perfect gift items and are even considered to be lucky for some people.

You can choose from a vast range of pearl jewelry like bracelets, ear tops and rings, necklaces and rinds. Peal pendants are also very popular and can be worn with any outfit. Whether it is for a formal occasion or on a speci8al day like wedding, pearls look wonderful on any woman. Your lady love will look really gorgeous with a nice pearl necklace on an evening part gown. Pearl jewelry has a very sophisticated classy look apart from being unique and gorgeous. So, choose a nice pearl jewelry and surprise your lady love with it.

Wearing pearls for your wedding

pearls, wedding jewelryThe pearl jewelry is becoming quite famous and is much in demand now days. The color, luster, shapes and the availability in various types of jewelries are the main reason behind this wide popularity of the pearl jewelry. Now days, people are even wearing pearl jewelries on the wedding day. The bride’s gown can also be customized with white pearls to make it look unique and also to signify purity.

Various pearls jewelries are available in the market. Almost all leading jewelers now days have a good stock of the pearl jewelries. The pink variety of the pearl is the most expensive, rare and much in demand among the people. You can also customized jewelries for your wedding. Starting from the crown of the bride to the groom’s long neck chain, the pearls can be used in all types of jewelries quite effectively.

So if you want to sport a new look other the traditional one on your wedding day, then the pearl jewelries can help you out with that.

Platinum and pearl: a match made in heaven

Jewelry is something that always interests women and there is nothing comparable to the pair of platinum and pearl. Be it your wedding or any other occasion this pair will definitely look good on you and he best part is you can wear any kind of dress you want with it. There are several jewelry which requires you to wear a particular dress but this pair does not have any such specifications.

Platinum and pearls are normally a girl’s dream and therefore you would see it mostly worn on the day of her wedding. This pair has been popular from the last century and as a result it has been named as a match that has been made in heaven. It gives the girl a simple look yet keeps the aristocracy on a high level. One thing is for sure and that is if you wear this pair on any occasion you would definitely look flawless.


Tips to care for your pearls

Tips to maintain pearls, pearlsPearls are something which should be treasured for the class and beauty it holds. They are being used for over centuries now mainly because of their iridescence and luster. So if you have a pearl set in your jewelry box it is important that you take care of them. There are ways how you can do that.

Firstly and foremost since pearls are prone to scratches it is better you keep them in a separate box and not with other jewelry. Secondly if you have any work with chlorine water then you must put away the pearls first as they can react to the chlorine water. There are people who tend to clean their pearls with the soap they use for dishwashing. This can have negative reaction on the pearls and it is wise to not do such a foolish thing. Lastly pearls should be kept away from perfumes, insect repellants and other such things. They can react with the chemical in the spray and might get discolored.

How to take care of your pearl jewelry

Pearl Jewelry is popular amongst females of all age group. They are not only classy but they add the just needed elegance to your outfit. Thus its very important to take care of the jewelry in a proper way so they don’t get damaged, and keep on highlighting you evening, by making you look more beautiful.

A few tips one should keep in mind for taking care of their jewelry is they should put it on after they are done with their makeup and applying perfume. Dirty pearls can be cleaned by using a mild solution of soap and water, and never with harsh substances like detergents and ammonia. They should be always rubbed gently with soft linen cloth and never with an abrasive one, as rubbing them with such a rough surface will make the beads look ordinary. Also one should be careful not putting their precious pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner and lastly pearls should never be stored with any other jewelry, as they are prone to get scratched easily.

Add the right dash of elegance with pearl jewelry

Pearls are the most natural embedded stones available. When it comes to buying jewelry, you have innumerable choices at hand. But only a few are rare and fine. Jewelry made out of pearls adds the perfect dash of elegance and polish. This is one piece of jewelry that is born out of nature and is rare to find. They are popular amongst women of all age-groups and can be worn in any occasion or event. Be it a party or a social gathering or a casual outing. They always look elegant, charismatic and rich.

The greatest advantage of pearl jewelry is its inexpensiveness Gold, diamonds or platinum are costly to purchase. But pearls aren’t, yet they look rich and fine when worn. Pearls come in a variety of choices and ranges. They can be of different colors to match your outfit. Be it the royal pearls set or the pearl diamonds necklaces or the ruby finish pearl earrings; they are eye-catchy, modern and impressionable.

Wear Pearls on Your Wedding

Every woman wishes to look her stunning best on her wedding day. Be it the wedding dress, make up or the jewellery – each and every element must be perfect and beautiful. It can be quite a challenging task to pick out the right kind of jewellery for your wedding day. There are a plethora of options available these days, ranging from gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones.

Women tend to shy away from pearls as a wedding jewellery option because they believe it will make them look older. No matter what your age or skin color is, pearls look great on one and all. There is nothing more classic and elegant than a string of pearls on a woman’s neck. Make sure that you match the pearls with the color of your wedding outfit. A white dress should be matched with white pearls whereas cream or antique pearls can be paired with an off white gown.

How To Maintain Pearl And Silver Jewellery

When you first get jewellery it looks all good and shiny, but once time starts to work on them, they lose their glamour. So what can you do to maintain their look for as long as possible? You need to know exactly how to maintain each type of jewellery. As for silver and pearl you need to maintain them pretty well. This is because they have a lighter tone; it is prone to catch your attention. Make sure that they are kept apart and do not get scratched by other jewellery pieces. You also need to clean them up on a regular basis.

How do you clean pearls? You can soak them in a mixture of warm and soapy water. Make sure you use a mild soap. Take care to see that they are never under any kind of friction. Put them on a towel to dry. How do you clean silver? Dampen the jewellery slightly. After that you can add a cleansing agent for silver. Rub it well. Do not be rough on the jewellery. After you are satisfied, wipe off the cleansing agent. You can add shine by using a silver polish.

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