6 Tips of Cleaning your Silver Jewelry at your Home

Tips of Cleaning your Silver Jewelry at your HomeIt feels clumsy when we go for discussing anything about cleaning your jewelry right? You might b eth inking that it cannot be possible of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home right? But the fact says something else which you must definitely go for understanding and not letting more of your money to be wasted by giving your jewelry outside somewhere which in return will charge up more of your money. Well, there is nothing to worry about because there are many ways or tips which can help you or assist you in going for cleaning your silver jewelry at your home. It is considered to be involving less of your money the products or ingredients which you are going to need are been easily available at home so it is also known to be easily available at home.

So it is considered to be important for the individual that you are buying something precious so you need top also go for taking proper care of it by taking the steps of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home which you have bought for. There are many tips of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home which you can go for exercising like using aluminum foil, make the use of tooth paste, going for laundry detergent, using tomato ketchup, etc. and many more of such strange things which are actually showing its colors while you are going for the process of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home.

Tips of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home

  • One of the most common type of tip which you can go for counting at the time of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home is the use of aluminum foil. I know you might be thinking that how aluminum foil can be useful in this matters right?
  • Take a bowl and add a liter of boil water in to it, now it is the time to go for adding a piece of aluminum foil in to it. Get your silver jewels and add up in to bowl for 10 to 15 seconds and take it out of water.
  • The result will help you in getting bitterly astonished. The silver from the foil will help your silver jewelry of getting and gaining that shine back again which you wanted to have.
  • If you think that your silver jewelry has been tanned and you need to get back its shine than you can go for using the tomato ketchup. Yes, take some of tomato ketchup in your hands and rub for your silver jewelry in it. After that go for washing it perfectly.
  • This will help you in getting your silver jewelry to be even prettier which is considered to be in the benefits of the individual that is planning of cleaning your silver jewelry at your home.
  • Hand sanitizer is considered to be another tip which can help you in going for cleaning your silver jewelry at your home. It is considered to be one of the best way to get the perfect polish for your silver jewelry which you have got for.

How to Check Gold and Silver Purity

Gold and Silver PurityTesting gold and silver is an easy task, but you need to go to the right place for getting it checked. To know about the purity and the place where your jewelry shall not be messed is very important. There are certain tools that are required to check the purity like silver tone jewelry, gold tone jewelry, gold test kit for 10k, 14k, and 18k, silver testing kit, testing stone, and a newspaper. You can follow some simple and easy steps to test your own jewelry.

• Firstly you need to spread the newspaper totally in the area where you shall be working in. Newspaper prevents your table top from getting destroyed with any sort of acid spills. Then gather all the materials that is required and keep it aside. Now place the testing stone on the newspaper and the jewelry to be tested out so that there are no chances of the acid getting spilled on the jewelry directly.

• The edge of a ring or the links of a necklace are probably the best areas to check for purity. Rub or scratch those parts with the stone. In this way there are no large scars also that are left on the jewelry. You need to ensure that you rub the jewelry on the stone with a little force so that tiny pieces of the gold or silver are left behind on the stone. To ensure that you have scratched on the stone correctly you will be able to see streaks and marks on the stone. After this just add one drop of acid on the streak of the metal that was left on the stone.

• You shall be able to notice a change in color. If you were testing for gold jewelry you shall observe only a slight change in color. This intensity of change will tell you what karat gold jewelry it is. Say, that you want to check a jewelry for 14karat. If the jewelry streak on putting acid disappears completely you can make out that is less than 14k and if there is no change at all it is more than 14k. If you are testing silver, you shall observe color changes from dark red to brown to green depending on the content of silver in decreasing order.

• You can also file a groove in the piece to test for silver. Simply, drop a bit of acid and observe the changes. The piece itself can also be tested with the silver solution but it tends to leave the finish dull and also leaves a stain where the acid was placed. Thus, this method is not very commonly recommended.

If you are planning to buy jewelry you should be well aware of the common terms and phrases relating to jewelry. This shall help you to understand better what the jeweler is trying to say. You should always ask for a detailed explanation and information of the thing that you are planning to buy. It is also important that you buy from a well-renowned place and know the store you are buying from. Before finally buying it be well aware of the return and refund policy and agreements too.

Safe Keeping of Silver Ornaments

Silver OrnamentsIf proper care is taken of the silver jewelry then it can be protected from being tarnished very easily. Thus protection of the silver ornaments from staining or discoloring is very necessary. There can be various reasons due to which silver ornaments can be tarnished. It is very essential to know the reasons and the methods in which to clean the metals.

Metals can be tarnished if they come in contact with any food items or edibles that contain sulfur. They can easily tarnish silver utensils. They are even destroyed if come in contact with rubber, and salt. Thus if you want that your silver ornaments are not damaged then you will have to make sure that they do not come in contact with the above mentioned items for a prolonged period of time. The next important thing that you can do is to wrap up the ornament in any piece of cloth that is of a woolen fabric before you keep them back in the jewelry box. Wool has an anti-tarnishing quality that will make sure that your valuable is free from any stain.

Some of the basic and the easiest ways of removing the stains from the pieces described below. Metal pieces can be very effectively cleaned with the help of baking soda, as it is considered as the best and the safest agent. It has the ability of removing spots easily. These are the steps that you can follow:
a) Fill up a pan with water and half teaspoon of salt in it. Heat it till it comes to a boil.
b) Add baking soda to it.
c) Soak the metal pieces into it for at least 15 minutes.
d) After soaking the metal, wash the carefully with plain water.
e) Make sure that a single drop of water is not there on the ornament when you keep it away finally in the box.

Recent trends in silver jewelry

silver jewelrySilver has always managed to fascinate the jewelry connoisseurs and the pristine popularity seems an eternal phenomenon- cutting across centuries, borders and age. Albeit the white metal is usually regarded with traditional values yet the recent trends in the silver scene has made it a go-to pick even for a peppy teen queen. Are you too fond of silver ornaments and wish to know the finer developments in the ornament zone? Well, the post here is a short note on the latest trends in silver jewelry.

You will love myriad variety of interesting plain silver ornaments today. The modern trend is towards an out-of-the-box approach where different novel designs are tried out that were unimaginable before. Hence you have the big silver rings stylized as a spider web or resting foal as your silver bead for a funky beaded bracelet. Silver pendants are available with popular oriental symbols stamped on them and the hoop silver dolphins come really cute.

Apart from plain si8lver jewelries, you even have the gemstone embedded white metal collections today. The modern jewelry designers deploy a number of gemstones to adorn the silver bases such as diamond, peridot, garnet, ruby, topaz, amethyst and what not. Cubic Zirconia silver ornaments are highly popular these days which are often dubbed as “CZ silver jewelry”. It’s to note here that if you find the diamond silver ring too costly for you, the CZ silver option can be a good alternative at a fraction of cost.

Then, you have trendy silver pieces accompanied by other materials to conjure up an urbane look without the sacrilege of the pristine aristocracy. Thus, you have silver entwined with wood, leather, lycra bands or even coral, shells and pearl. Crystal adorned silver ornaments are widely loved among the contemporary silver connoisseurs and you have them in several endearing colors.

Silver Jewelry: How To Take Proper Care Of It?

Silver JewelrySilver jewelry has been giving tough competition to gold jewelry. The demand for silver jewelry among the people has been increasing at a tremendous pace. Silver jewelry looks elegant, classy and has an aristocratic appeal to it. But silver jewelry is very precious and costly. Thus if you own a piece of silver jewelry like a bracelet, earring, ring, anklet and so on then you must take proper care of it so that it retains its pristine condition always. This article will highlight some of the ways in which you can maintain silver jewelry appropriately.

It is always advised that you store the silver jewelry in some place away from dirt, dust, moisture and other kinds of pollutants. After you have worn a particular piece of silver jewelry, you must wipe it with a clean dry cloth and then store it in your jewelry box. Even if you are not wearing the silver jewelry regularly, you should make it a point to clean it on a daily basis. Dust, dead skin, atmospheric pollutant etc should not be allowed to deposit on the surface of the silver jewelry as these make the jewelry piece look rusty and dull.

Whenever you have to clean silver jewelry, you must utilize a mild cleaner because any harsh detergent will cause a lot of damage to the delicate silver metal from which the jewelry piece has been made. In order to get rid of the stains that have been formed on the jewelry, you can utilize a concoction of vinegar and baking powder. You must always wipe the silver jewelry thoroughly after it has been washed using water. Silver jewelry should never be soaked in water for long periods of time.

If none of the above mentioned ways work then you must approach a jeweler experienced in the field of jewelry cleaning.

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Clean Silver JewelryIf you have silver jewelry then you would know the charm, which they give off. Silver jewelry is timeless and you can easily wear it with almost any kind of outfit to glamorize your look. Heavy silver jewelry can be worn with different outfits. One thing, which you should take care of with your silver jewelry, is that you can maintain them for years if you take good care of them.

First, storing your silver jewelry at a cool, dark place is important. However, care must be taken so that the place is dry. Do not expose your silver jewelry to sunlight for long periods of time at a stretch. Alsop you can clean your silver jewelry with lemon juice mixed with vinegar. Dilute it with water and clean your jewelry with a soft brush dipped in the solution. After that, wipe it dry and clean with a soft rag. Take it to jewelry cleaner once every six months.

Silver anklets and their designs

Silver ankletsMany people prefer wearing the silver anklet. Though most women of the present generation think wearing these silver anklets is a very bad fashion. There are many girls, ladies and women who even today regular purchases silver anklets for various occasions. Many traditional families have the tradition of wearing silver anklets.

The silver anklets are now available in variety of designs and styles. Earlier the silver anklets used to be very heavy and intricately designed. But now days, women prefer light and sleek silver anklets. The price of silver in also rising so women look for light weight jewelry due to budget constraint as well as they are available now in various different styles.

You have to take such an anklet which goes well with your looks and body. If you have no budget constraint and want a very heavy and traditional anklet, then look for one in the jewelry shop. You can even order get a customized anklet made.

Silver and peridot a perfect match

Silver , fashion jewelrySilver is one of the most economic precious gems that you can use as ornament and they can look even better when they are teamed with peridot. Peridot are cut in particular way that gives them a round shape which is known as the “emerald cut”. The cuts are made usually in one region or the area where the stone had been mined.

They are mined usually in the Southern part of Asia. There are absolutely no windows in this stone and you will be able to notice the ones that have been cut well because of the presence of the facets. There are some internal imperfection in the stone that are marked by cracks and other things that make it more interesting. They are very nicely mixed with silver to make some of the most interesting ornaments and that is why the combination has become very popular among ornament enthusiasts.

Stunning designs for silver jewelry

Silver jewelry designs, silver jewelrySilver jewelry is the current fashion that has become very popular among those who are fashion conscious. Different styles in rings, pendants, bracelets can be found in silver. You can get a host of different designs over the online stores. All the items are unique when it comes to sizes, colors, shapes, looks, wearing styles.

A lot of manufacturers are designing silver jewelry with contours and designs that are really striking. One of the most popular silver jewelry are the pendants. These pendants are stylish and very trendy and at the same time, there are not very loud and designed in a very subtle appeal. Rings are also very popular when it comes to the silver jewelry. They are light and can be found in many designs. You can get a lot good silver jewelry in the ethnic design. If you want something totally unique for your silver jewelry, you can always get them custom built for the exact design that is on your mind.

Chunky silver rings: for that hippie look

Chunky silver ringsDo you want to sport a hippie look? Hippie look is very much preferred by the teenagers and they dress up specially to create that hippie look. Chunky silver rings do compliment your hippie look. Vintage glass ring, funky plastic ring, bohemian styled ring and beach pebble ring are some of the choices to bring that hippie styled look. You can select those wide broad silver rings with bohemian designs to accessorize so that you get that perfect hippie look.

Chunky silver rings of varied designs are easily found in local markets and shops. Pure silver rings can cost you little costly but you can always go for the fake silver rings. They have got that silver finish look and are quite affordable. Choosing appropriate accessories is quite essential to create any sort of desired look. Shop and search for suitable accessory to compliment and justify your final desired look.


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