Beads for Jewelry- the many types

Beads jewelry, fashion jewelryBeads jewelry is really popular in the trendy ornament sector and every woman right from the teen high school dame to the lovely college student to the beautiful corporate lady, loves to own some beads pieces in her own jewelry collections. However, there are different forms of beads used in crafting jewelries.

There are natural gemstone beads and you can get a full chart on them with simple search over the internet. Then, you have the glass beads. The glass beads cover two types of beads for making ornaments- seed beads & other different glass beads such as beach or sea glass, Murano glass, crystals, dicrohic glass, Czech glass & many others.
You will also get beads made from different organic materials. The varied organic materials used for making beads are shell, pearl, horn, bone and amber. There are video tutorials online to help you in DIY beads jewelry.

Healing powers of gemstones

gemstones, stonesFrom the ancient times gemstones have had a value other than the beauty which they have. The value is to heal people both physically and mentally. Now there are different gemstones and quite obviously their actions will be different from each other. Take for example amethyst. This gemstone is responsible for enhancing the creative and psychic abilities of a person. If you consider amazonite then you will see that the person who is wearing it will be communicating with their close relatives very well.

Amber on the other hand makes a person strong from within and is more energetic. They are mostly worn by people who are physically weak and the resistance power is low. Those who have a problem in breathing wear bloodstone. It also reduces any kind of emotional stress and encourages proper blood flow in the body. If you have broken any bone then you can go for blue lace agate because they are responsible for quick healing of fractures and broken bones.

Semi precious gem stone jewelry

Gem stone jewelry, gemsJewels are a woman’s best friend. A woman may feel incomplete without a good ornament to adorn her outfit. With the right kind of jewelry, a plain and drab outfit can be made from simple to gorgeous. There are many kinds of fashion accessories available but a beautiful ornamental piece, never goes amiss. If you are not ready to spend a lot on your jewelry, then semi precious gem stone jewelry is the next best thing.

They are not as expensive as rubies, emeralds and diamonds but are no less in beauty and style many jewelers handle such gemstones and make perfectly beautiful and unique ornamental pieces for that perfectly modernized look. Colorful hues and vibrant designs are available at online stores, malls and jewelry shops which can suit a traditional or a casual outfit as well. The best part is that you can get a lot with less amount of money and yet create a gorgeous appeal at the same time.

Amethyst, not just a birthstone

Amethyst, benefitial gemstonesIts colour is as unique as it is seductive. It is considered to be the gemstone of gemstones, is worn believing it will protect the wearer from seduction. For ages it has been coveted by blue-blooded people and is considered to be the representative of the quartz family. Moses described it as a symbol of the spirit of God, is Amethyst. February is supposed to be the apt month to adorn amethyst. In all sorts of cultures it is attributed with a large number of miraculous powers. Once it was said to protect crops against tempests. In wars it was used as a lucky charm, while in the hunt it was used to drive out evil spirits.

Further study reveals that dogs were garlanded with amethyst to shield the dog from poisonous snakebites. Eagles were found to keep amethyst to cover and protect their young off springs from dangers. Therapists also profess that amethyst has a sobering and cleansing effect. Health problems such as stomach acids have been healed, combating insect bites and also to beautify the skin amethyst has been used. Hence, doubtlessly it is crystal clear that Amethyst is not only used as a birthstone.

Taking care of your precious gems

Maintenance of gems, gemsYou should know how to protect your precious gems. It is important to keep your gems clean. However, when you are washing the gems, you should make sure that the product you are using for the purpose is one hundred percent cotton wash. There is a general conception that says precious gems can be maintained by cleaning them with toothpaste. This is a complete misconception. Toothpaste should not be used for cleaning gems as they might cause serious damage to your precious gems. However, you can use a toothbrush for cleaning the gems.

Even then, you should make sure that you are using only the finest bristles for cleaning the gems and you should not sweep the gems hard while cleaning them. When you are cleaning your gems of pearl, make sure you use a textile that is moist. Otherwise, the pearls may dry out and become fragile with time. Pearls should always be kept moisturized.

Emerald: a perfect match for gold

Are you planning to get a stone studded ring for your beloved on her birthday? Well, diamond studded gold rings are passé’. Gift the love of your life an emerald studded gold ring. Emerald comes from beryl and it gets its unique green color from traces of vanadium or chromium. However, while choosing a gold ring studded with emerald make sure that you check the clarity and color of the emerald. It will be great if the emerald has rich green color and is very transparent.


If you think that the person you will be gifting the ring to will not like rich green colored, you can opt for an emerald with secondary hue of blue or yellow. While selecting the cut of the emerald keep the design of the gold ring in mind. A gold ring with simple design will complement a round emerald while a more ornately designed ring will look good with an oval emerald.

Tips to Care for Gemstone Jewelry

If you checked your jewelry set, you would find that some of the most beautiful jewelry in your collection would be the gemstone jewelry. In fact these would be the most precious of your jewelry as well. So how do you take care of your jewelry once they get soiled? Well the secret is to know exactly what kind of treatment is needed for each of the stone. While sapphire needs one kind of care, emerald needs a different treatment altogether.

 Yet there are certain steps that you are meant to take everyday. Make sure there is no dust settling on this jewelry. Every time after you use them, just make sure that wipe the surface of the gemstones with a cloth. It is preferable in case you are using a damp cloth. You would have to however make sure that the cloth is just about damp and wrung out of water as much as is possible.

Trends for the ruby engagement ring with diamonds

Relationships are very important and the liveliness and the beauty of a relationship can be expressed with beautiful gemstones. One of the most splendid combinations for an engagement ring is that of rubies and diamonds. Diamonds and rubies add a beauty of their own to the ring. The rubies that are used in the rings are red in color and they symbolize a beautiful bond and commitment and love. Diamonds with rubies are symbolic of a forever bond.

A beautiful ring option is to have two pear shaped diamonds around an oval ruby and set in white gold. A ruby with diamonds around it makes for another beautiful design. Diamonds and ruby in the shape of a flower is a stunning design which will be absolutely be loved by the girl. The combination of diamonds and rubies are so exquisite that most of the designs made using these two look great and beautiful.

Ruby Pendants Are All About Style

Ruby pendants worn with a beautiful chain add a different touch altogether and create a style statement of their own. Ruby pendants are mystic and full of passion with the red color. These can be studded in platinum, white gold or the conventional yellow gold. The pendants come in different shapes and sizes and make for a beautiful gift also.

Ruby stones can be found in different shades of the color red. The price varies with the color and the decision with respect to the choice of color depends on the budget of the person buying it. The medium dark red color should be the choice if budget is no constraint for the person buying it. Pendants made only with ruby stones are classy and come in different designs. The designs can also have diamonds with rubies and this adds a different touch to the pendant and its style and beauty.

Diamond Kundan jewelry

Diamond Kundan jewelry is a rare art in India. Many artists produce Kundan jewelry that includes bangles, necklaces, bracelets and a lot of other items. Kundan jewelry is known for its royal look and great designs that belong to a different age. For example a Kundan bangle is made with diamonds and some shades of enamel to give traditional patterns. Similarly, a bracelet or Pacheli which is intricately designed with excellent enamel colors is a great example of the craftsmanship of Bikaner artists in Rajasthan.

Some of the necklaces are slightly longer with many stones studded on them. With 22k gold, a few of them have a black onyx base with excellent traditional designs. The Jhumar which is usually studded with sapphires and rubies is a classic example of Kundan earrings while the string necklace used polka and ruby pendants in the necklace laced with Kundan work. The pendants, diamonds and pearls along with other precious stones make the jewelry sparkling and beautiful.

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