Tips to clean white gold jewelry

White gold is defined as the gold metal which is plated with a rhodium or nickel or palladium or platinum protective coating. It is a pale alloy and resembles the white color and hence was termed as white gold. There are some simple steps which can take care of the aesthetical nature of this beautiful metal. Before starting the cleaning procedure, check for any flaws or imperfections on the jewelry – if any found, take it to the jeweler immediately.

Now take a dish with a mixture of warm water (1.1l) and dish soap (5ml) and swish it until the soap bubbles appear. Now keep your jewelry soaked in the dish for a span of 10-20 minutes. After which, you can remove the dirt or grime with a soft toothbrush. If you’re done cleansing the dirt from the jewelry, you can now rinse it in warm water and be sure that you’ve rinsed all the soap from it.

White gold jewelry, for everyday wear

White gold jewelries are highly preferred today as they look trendy and fresh. They match up with any color and with any outfit. White gold is actually a fantastic mix of the gold metal with any white element like nickel, silver or the palladium plus. Rhodium plating to the jewelry brings on its classy white dazzle.

White gold jewelry is very affordable and much stronger than the golden ones making it suitable for everyday office wear which won’t bend with daily usage. These modern jewelries are found in various designs and forms to pick from starting from necklaces, rings, wedding bands, ear rings or bracelets, both in chunky and sleek patterns. In fact, white gold even allows for engraving your beloved’s name on the wedding ring being a stronger counterpart over gold.

If you are looking for daily wear jewellery, opt for a sleek white gold chain, a pair of studs or earrings and match it up with a slim bracelet and look your elegant best everyday.

White gold or platinum, which is a better pick

White gold jewelry is considered to be more expensive than the ordinary yellow gold. But those who want the shine and sheen of platinum and cannot afford it, and then White gold is the most viable option to choose. Generally any jewelry made out of white gold is stunning and attractive, but yet simple in carved designers. When it comes to platinum, they are most costly. If you can afford it, then it’s the best and most durable kind of jewelry.

Platinum rings represent the love, affection and commitment of the loved one. They bring out the maximum shine and jazz. So if you want to flaunt your ring or jewelry, pick up platinum. Your bride or your girlfriend would prefer settling for a small platinum stud or ring as a sign of love. But when it comes to band metal, the best one is the white gold embedded with precious stones.

How to take care of your white gold jewellery

Wondering how to restore your white gold jewellery? Well here are some tips. White gold is basically an alloy of gold and platinum. Thus they are quite valuable and durable at the same time. But you need to take care of them so that they don’t lose their shine.

Cleaning the white gold jewelry is necessary. Use a gentle soap and lukewarm water and clean with a soft cloth or cotton. Don’t use any harsh chemical agents. Get the rhodium plate of the white gold jewelry replaced every 3 to 4 years. Choose a reliable jeweler to get this done.

If you wear the jewelry everyday (say it’s a wedding ring) then take them off once in a while and wipe them with cotton to get rid of moisture. When you wash clothes, swim or cook, do remember to take them off. Cleaning, buffing and drying your white gold is the easiest way to make them last long. So follow these simple steps and keep them shining forever.

White gold jewelry

For all jewelry lovers, while gold is the latest fad and thus one can see so many people wearing it now. There is basically no difference in the jewelry that is made with yellow gold or white gold, it is only a matter of personal style. Yellow gold is considered to be traditional and this is why the new generation wears white gold as with this they get a new look.

There is a beautiful range of jewelry that is made in white gold and most of these have absolutely splendid and beautiful designs. The white gold jewelry is definitely more stylish and popular and these look great with any kind of outfit. This jewelry is available easily in all jeweler showrooms and also on the internet. With such beautiful designs one will surely have a tough time to choose what they like. If one wants a wedding ring or a bracelet or bangles, white gold jewelry is certainly the most stylish and fashionable jewelry that they can buy.

Top 5 reasons for you to buy white gold bridal jewelry

The jewelry of the newlywed bride is matter of great interest among her in-laws. Today, the economic prosperity of the family of the bride is measured with these ornaments. Therefore, people try to purchase gold jewelry for their daughters. However, the popularity of white gold jewelries is also increasing over the times.

The following five reasons are very effective for your strong choice of white gold jewelry:

Exclusive attraction: These jewelries are no less attractive than yellow gold jewelry. They look stunning as well.

Lower price: These jewelries are much less in price and are easily affordable for all fashion lovers.

Suitability: These white gold jewelry suits with all types of attires, therefore
You can put on many dresses with these elegant jewelries.

Daily use: You cannot think about putting on yellow gold jewelry everyday as they are very costly and you fear losing them. However, these elegant pieces are less expensive and can be put on every day.

Low maintenance: These are made for rough use and therefore they require less care and maintenance.