Easy Ways To Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Cleaning gold jewelryNot like silver jewelry, gold jewelry does not lose its finish or become dull over period of time. But gold is till such a material which can accumulate grime and dirt with its regular usage. You will definitely not like wearing such dirty gold jewelry. Thus to restore the shine and polish and look of your gold jewelry like your necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets, you need to clean your gold jewelry. For cleaning your gold jewelry, you just need some of the household ingredients and tools. By using them in proper manner, you will be able to clean your gold jewelry very easily. Here are some of the steps for cleaning your gold jewelry.

  • Clean your gold jewelry with dish soap

If you want to clean your gold jewelry with soap, then you have to mix up liquid dish wash in to water. Use warm water while making this mixture. Make sure to use warm water and not hot water as hot water can ruin your gold jewelry. Ordinary water will be okay for cleaning your gold jewelry but if you want better result than you can use sodium free seltzer water or you can even use or you can also make use of club soda. The mixture of this liquid will lose all the collected dirt and grease on your gold jewelry. If your gold jewelry contains fragile precious stone then you need to be extra careful while cleaning your gold jewelry as doing it in improper manner can damage your jewelry. Don’t use hot water as precious stones like opals can get cracked if they are exposed to sudden and extreme temperature changes.

  • Soak your gold jewelry into solution

After making the appropriate mixture, you must let the jewelry soak in the mixture for a time period of about 15 minutes. Soaking of jewelry into warm water will pass it’s through the cracks and cuts of the jewelry where it is hard to reach and clean all the build of dirt and clean your gold jewelry in perfect manner.

  • Scrub the jewelry with soft bristle tooth brush

Take each piece of jewelry into your hand and then put it in water and clean with your tooth brush. Tooth brush has bristles and it will clean very minute dirt very appropriately. Make sure the tooth brush you choose have soft bristles. If you choose hard bristles tooth brush ten it can damage your jewelry. There are also chances of getting the stones out of the jewelry if the bristles of tooth brush are hard. There are certain specially designed brushes which are made for cleaning your gold jewelry if you can use that for cleaning your jewelry then it would be best as there is no risk of damaging your jewelry. You can also use eyebrow brushes for cleaning your gold jewelry as they are small and also soft which is suitable for cleaning your gold jewelry.


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