How to Check Gold and Silver Purity

Gold and Silver PurityTesting gold and silver is an easy task, but you need to go to the right place for getting it checked. To know about the purity and the place where your jewelry shall not be messed is very important. There are certain tools that are required to check the purity like silver tone jewelry, gold tone jewelry, gold test kit for 10k, 14k, and 18k, silver testing kit, testing stone, and a newspaper. You can follow some simple and easy steps to test your own jewelry.

• Firstly you need to spread the newspaper totally in the area where you shall be working in. Newspaper prevents your table top from getting destroyed with any sort of acid spills. Then gather all the materials that is required and keep it aside. Now place the testing stone on the newspaper and the jewelry to be tested out so that there are no chances of the acid getting spilled on the jewelry directly.

• The edge of a ring or the links of a necklace are probably the best areas to check for purity. Rub or scratch those parts with the stone. In this way there are no large scars also that are left on the jewelry. You need to ensure that you rub the jewelry on the stone with a little force so that tiny pieces of the gold or silver are left behind on the stone. To ensure that you have scratched on the stone correctly you will be able to see streaks and marks on the stone. After this just add one drop of acid on the streak of the metal that was left on the stone.

• You shall be able to notice a change in color. If you were testing for gold jewelry you shall observe only a slight change in color. This intensity of change will tell you what karat gold jewelry it is. Say, that you want to check a jewelry for 14karat. If the jewelry streak on putting acid disappears completely you can make out that is less than 14k and if there is no change at all it is more than 14k. If you are testing silver, you shall observe color changes from dark red to brown to green depending on the content of silver in decreasing order.

• You can also file a groove in the piece to test for silver. Simply, drop a bit of acid and observe the changes. The piece itself can also be tested with the silver solution but it tends to leave the finish dull and also leaves a stain where the acid was placed. Thus, this method is not very commonly recommended.

If you are planning to buy jewelry you should be well aware of the common terms and phrases relating to jewelry. This shall help you to understand better what the jeweler is trying to say. You should always ask for a detailed explanation and information of the thing that you are planning to buy. It is also important that you buy from a well-renowned place and know the store you are buying from. Before finally buying it be well aware of the return and refund policy and agreements too.


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