How To Clean Your White Gold Rings

Cleaning white gold ringWhite gold rings looks too beautiful and classy. But when you have something too well with you, the caring element also increases. Maintaining white gold rings is a bit tricky when compared to maintenance of rings of yellow gold or platinum. The maintenance of white gold is more difficult because of the fact as to how it is made. White gold is made up of yellow gold which is mixed up with white metals and is covered with plating so that the yellowish color of the jewelry is hidden. For maintaining your white gold ring, the thing you need to do is to clean your white gold ring. Cleaning your white gold ring is bit complicated and not as simple as that of normal gold. Because of the composition of the white gold, cleaning your white gold is complicated as you need to be careful that you don’t damage your ring. Make sure that you preserve the rhodium plating or else you will lose its beautiful finish. Here are some of the steps to clean your white gold ring.

  • Make a cleaning solution

For cleaning your white gold rings, you must make a cleaning solution. You can mix mild soap in a bowl of warm water. Make sure you don’t use detergents for cleaning your white gold ring. Avoid those things which contain chlorine or any such harsh chemicals as it can ruin your white gold rings. Be gentle while making this solution as your ring is very sensitive and very prone to damages.

  • Soak your white gold ring

Once you are done with making the cleaning solution for cleaning your white gold ring, now it’s the time to soak your white gold ring into the solution. Soak your white gold ring for a time period of 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Rub the ring gently

When you are done with soaking of your gold ring, rub your gold ring gently and smoothly. While rubbing the white gold ring, use a soft brush or any soft cloth to remove any of the dirt which is stuck in your white gold ring and make it clean and beautiful.

  • Rinse the ring

When you are done with rubbing the ring, it’s now time to rinse the ring. Rinse your ring with lukewarm water. This will ensure that there is no soap residue in the ring and stop it from damaging further.

  • Dry your white gold ring

After rinsing the ring, dry your white gold ring. Use a clean towel to dry your ring. If your white gold ring is too much dirty then for cleaning your white gold ring, you can add up few drops of ammonia into the water and get the most effective result.


Don’t use any of the abrasive substance for scrubbing your white gold ring or else it will damage the plating of your white gold ring. A single cleaning session is not going to damage it as it is much durable but still repeating it several times can definitely damage it.


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