Is rhodium plated silver jewelry a good pick?

Rhodium plating is done on silver jewelry to increase its shine and make it more scratch resistant. Silver jewelry which has rhodium plating does not discolor or tarnish easily.

Rhodium plating does not last for long. If you wear the silver piece of jewelry on a regular basis the plating will start to get worn out. Instead if you do not wear rhodium plated jewelry regularly, it can last for as long as ten years!

So what will you do if you see the plating on your silver jewelry fading? Not to worry. Simply take the silver jewelry to the jeweler and get fresh plating done. The price will depend on how thick you want the rhodium plating to be.

Generally rhodium plating is done to get a shiny look on any metal. But in case of silver, rhodium plating makes silver stronger and scratch resistant. Since silver is a soft and malleable metal, rhodium plating works wonders for the metal.


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