Tips for Choosing Men’s Wedding Ring

Tips-For-Buying-Wedding-Bands-For-MenWedding rings are of special significance in any couple’s life. Whether the man is selecting his ring himself or his fiancee is choosing for him there are certain points to be taken care of.


  • Consider his lifestyle

Certain facts relating to groom lifestyle should be known and ring should be selected accordingly .Does groom indulge in activities or hobbies which can damage the ring? If yes he would definitely remove his ring while doing this activity. But if he is of the opinion to wear the ring all the time then a durable and hard ring should be selected. Durability of ring should be balanced with weight, especially when they ring is with stone. Stones do fall during rough activities and that’s the reason behind its good durability choice. In case of gold, low carat gold is more preferable for durability as compared to high carat gold. Silver is not considered good for better durability. As far as platinum and titanium are compared durability of titanium is better than platinum.

  • Depicts Groom’s personality

Think of the quality that your chosen ring depicts. Does it match to the nature and personality of groom? If no, it’s not the perfect one you want to opt for. A traditional man would like simple gold or silver band. A plain gold band is always a classic choice but some go for silver. Jewel stones, diamond and other stones can bring personality to a simple plain ring. For example red color depicts bold and exciting. If the groom is of bold and exciting nature than a red stone will be best fit for your groom’s ring. On contrary a reserved groom may be of the opinion of few unobtrusive diamonds. A band with intricate design would go with a flashy man. A modern tech man would usually prefer unique and innovative ring. Tungsten is favorite among this class of grooms.

  • Cost Consideration

Wedding are pretty much expensive. In this, over expensive wedding ring should be avoided. Though couples have superior dreams about their wedding rings but actually the couples should try to get most out of their money. Low cost tungsten bands are easy and affordable. Silver is also affordable. While on the other hand titanium is expensive and gold is evergreen as well as all time expensive. For reasonable rates you can opt for low carat gold rings. If you want to go for something really classy, go for platinum bands but beware it is really costly.

  • Bride and groom rings should go together

Just like the bride and groom are a perfect match, their ring should also be a perfect match. It doesn’t mean it should be similar but they should look nice together. Certain things which should be taken in consideration are stone selection, width, metal choice, level of intricacy, choice to engrave or not and similar other things. It doesn’t mean that you have to purchase men’s version of bride’s ring  but it just simply mean that both ring should go with each other when put together.

  • Professional sizing

Sizing is just for free. Any jeweler would size for free so there is no scope of you skipping this step.  Even if a man thinks, he gets to know his rings size. So just be sure what he thinks of. The look of wedding band is enhanced only when it is perfectly fitted. Resizing your ring later costs you extra and also no newlywed would like to remove their ring for few days for resizing. There are some rings which can’t be resized and in case of engraved ring resizing may ruin the engraving. Thus to stay away from all this take your groom to a jeweler for professional sizing.



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