Tips To Clean Gold Earrings

Clean Gold EarringsWith time, gold jewelry has a tendency to acquire a dull finish. But it can also accumulate dirt and dust with regular use. To get back the old shine of the golden ornaments be it earrings, bracelets, neck pieces there are simple methods that can be followed at home.

1. You can start off by creating a bubble bath with a few drops of soft detergent or liquid dish wash. Dish washing soaps work very well for gold ornaments. You can use tap water, which is just fine but for even better results, you can make use of club soda. The carbonation that is present in these liquids will help you to get rid of the debris. Some of the precautions that you need to take here is not to use boiling water, also when the jewelry consists of small pieces that are delicate. Some of the gemstones that are added to your earrings, say, opals, and they crack if they face vast changes in temperature. You can soak them for 5 to 15 minutes if you find them very dirty.

2. The next step is to scrub the earring with a toothbrush having a soft and gentle bristle. You should be very careful and take care of all the corners and curves where the dirt might be hidden. Stiffer the bristles, higher will be the chances of it creating scratch marks on the jewelry. Thin layers of gold can get be removed by hard bristles. Each time dip the toothbrush into the soap solution to keep it gentle.

3. Next, wash each piece of the earring, gently under running water. This will remove all the dirt that has been loosened by the brushing process. The water that is used for washing purpose should also not be hot specially when your jewelry has delicate parts. You must be careful enough to close the drain that is there in your sink so that you do not lose any part by accident. mistake.

4. Now remove the jewelry from the strainer and dry it up with the help of a soft cloth. You should make sure that the jewelry is completely dry so that you do not have to face skin irritation. A clean and old t-shirt can probably be best for drying it up. Paper towels should be avoided.


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